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I try not to think about it personally. But I do understand their decision, I’m prone to the odd emotional outburst. I’d definitely abuse my power.

For example, @Rex Banter would’ve been long gone :lol:.

I'm surprised by the likes of @albakos SMH my head, I've been basically not posting here for 5 years and I still have way more posts. He's about as prolific as Chamakh going through a dry spell, where I'm more of a Ronaldinho tbh.


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Granit has stopped responding to me on Instagram lately, so I’m kind of feeling sh***y, wondering if I said something I shouldn’t have.


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2nd best player at the club after Saka

It's telling we don't feel in a hurry to upgrade our midfield, even with the lost cause that is Elneny and the turnover machine that is Partey. We have total confidence in "The Architect" to keep delivering.

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