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Granit Xhaka: Xhak Of All Trades


Arséne Wenger: "I will miss you"

Player: Xhaka
>when you've been stanning for Xhaka for months and @BergMan doesn't recognise you when it counts

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Because you are special. We died on the hill but you survived. You are the guy who lived at the end of the film in order to tell the tale. Without you our efforts will not have been remembered and we would be nothing but ash on the battlefield.

Long before you all, there was @Furious stanning for Granit 😎


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The question was can his skillset translate to more offense. Seems he is answering this. Great for all of us and great for him. Hard work, football intelligence, and fundamentals pay off.

Didn’t think he was man of the match this match, but if this is really his first man of the match, I am shocked. He has played well the past two years and had to deserve it many matches. Sounds unlucky. We need to pay more attention to what he does.


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The video starts from the situation where Gabriel gave the penalty. It was a stupid mistake when there were many defenders in the box. But really it was Xhaka's bad touch/pass which was the main culprit before that.

It's not so idiotic when a touch fails, so it's not that conserning. He could have put that out for a corner though, but that's against the build-up philosophy.

Seemed like there were huge amount of mistakes from the whole team resulting in the conceded goal.



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The guy has an unreal engine - plays every minute, every game.
What's interesting to think about, is how he has been playing all the time for the past years.

Does anyone think that it might affect his performances in some way, not getting any rest? In this way you can appreciate him even more.


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The guy has an unreal engine - plays every minute, every game.

Internationals too. Always plays every minute. Our only player to play 180 minutes in the last international break, two victories including one which he dominated the midfield of Spain/Barcelona. He came back to London on Thursday and played 90 minutes in the north London derby on Saturday 12:30 lunchtime. Even I was worried he’d be tired, but nope. You’re right, his engine is unreal. But it’s all down to his hard work and the way he looks after himself, it’s not luck.


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Had flashes of quality under Arsène and Emery, so it's not like his performances recently are a total shock.

His consistency levels are amazing now though, outplays every midfielder he comes up against now pretty much.


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Nah, it was super intense I felt like he was talking to me.

Must have been after the game or training tbh, dude was wheezing.

He could be at his own house. It’s not easy to look into a camera and to say a speech you’re making up as you film yourself.

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