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  1. JML

    JML New Member

    No, but both have scenes of Tottenham supporters getting the piss knocked out of them.

    That's always good.
  2. Tegh

    Tegh New Member

    lol, the opening scene of Green Street has the 'leader' of the Sp**s firm having his face thrown through a phonebox.
  3. arsenalfan2005

    arsenalfan2005 New Member

    :lol: Nice to see Sp**s get beaten up :lol:
  4. velimir85

    velimir85 New Member

    Heh, I just wanted to open up a topic, and then I saw an existing one. Seen the film the other day, and it's good. Damn good. I mean, people might not like the violence, but it's football hooliganism. Can't really portrait that with people drinking tea or chatting in their flats.

    Anyway, except for Frodo playing the hooligan, rest of it seems pretty realistic, and the plot is interesting. Of course, I would like it more if it was about Arsenal, but I don't generally have anything against West Ham, so it was ok. Anyway, I thought that West Ham crew was ICF- Inter City Firm, and not these GSE people? Is this for real, or made up, like in the ID movie?
  5. RockyRocastle

    RockyRocastle New Member Trusted

    I take it you havent heard many cockney accents then fella!
  6. velimir85

    velimir85 New Member

    True, true...but I meant more about the whole firm thing...
  7. cubbz_th14

    cubbz_th14 New Member

    i thought football factory was a better film
  8. northbanknorman

    northbanknorman New Member

    i watched in on dvd and changed the settings so that it was dubbed in english, reminded me a bit ofthe quality dubbing in monkey!! but the actual film was good.
  9. 49erz

    49erz New Member

    green street is rubbish they had an ok story line but wrecked it with those rubbish actors
  10. gunners13arsenal

    gunners13arsenal New Member

  11. moriconi

    moriconi New Member

    just got realesed in australia, if it wasn't for elijah wood it may have been better than football factory.

    awsome movie
  12. fabtastic

    fabtastic New Member

    only just released! poor you lol
  13. YeahBee

    YeahBee Terrible hot takes

    Football factory is more of a European movie I think while Green Street is a good movie thou but a Hollywood movie if you get my drift. Love Tommys spoeach at the end watch rugby NFW
  14. fabtastic

    fabtastic New Member

    yh i see what you mean yeahbee!
    im not sure which is the better mive though, both got good qualities in each of them!!
  15. Aussie

    Aussie New Member Elite

    Saw it again. Some of its cringeworthy!

    But I like seeing people gettting the **** kicked out of them every now and then.

    Out of five I would probs give it a 3.5.
  16. GoonerYank

    GoonerYank New Member

    Seriously. I had to watch them both with the subtitles on. I kept having to rewind at the end of each sentence.
  17. afc_88

    afc_88 New Member

  18. EastDeanArsenal

    EastDeanArsenal New Member

    What a load of **** Green Street is. "Stand your ground and fight"...what a mug. Eliah is well out of place.

    Football Factory pisses all over it IMO.
  19. gooner_gal06

    gooner_gal06 New Member

    i love both football factory and green street they're both gr8
  20. Zieen

    Zieen New Member

    A bit unexpected for me to see so much support for these films here. A local friend (over here in the mid-usa) is a big time Man U fan and spend a lot of time at the 'Red Cafe' or something like that. Apparently its a different story over there. It got a lot of negative feedback, but for different reasons. A good share of the Red Cafe members seem very adamant in their disapproval of hooliganism; dismissing these films without hesitation.

    I'm curious then as to why the different tone here. Is hooliganism a non-issue for the majority of members on this board? Are most of the posters in this thread from the States? Or is it just a coincidence that a Green Street thread found so much opposition?

    And for the record, I myself am a fan of Green Street Hooligans because it isn't an issue in the States. I'll have to check out Football Factory. I've heard of it, but never had an opportunity to watch it.

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