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  1. YeahBee

    YeahBee Terrible hot takes

    A good film can still be agood film even if it touches on things that are appauling. I would like us Arsenal fans to be intellegent/educated enought to get that while the Manure fans aren't. But tbh it is possibly becasue manure fans have had to face hooliganism in their own ranks more then us, and a big part of the users here aren't evewn living in London so even more distanced from the dark sides of fan-culture
  2. Trick

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    LOL I want amazon to give me back my money, time spent buying this & compensation on top of that.

    The mockney prick in it is unbearable to watch for 1h45mins+
    Where the **** is he from? Sounds Australian sometimes, yet hes putting on this **** london accent. Cant believe that was the best they could find.

    Cringeworthy stuff. Absolutely ****.
  3. JMT

    JMT New Member

    Reminds me of millwall fans LOL
  4. Nickáó

    Nickáó New Member

    Agreed. Absolute load of ****e film.
  5. RC8

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    There are 2 main reasons:

    1) many of the posters from this thread are indeed american or from other parts of the world other than the UK.

    2) Arsenal has never had a SERIOUS problem with Hooliganism. In fact, while the old seater era meant most of the people who used to watch football around the country could not afford a ticket anymore, a relatively big percentage of the Arsenal fans were able to keep going to watch the team, so the transition was smooth. Also, Arsenal's anti-racist policies, and the fact that for about 11 years we've been bringing foreigners to the club means that hooligans can't act like racist nationalistic idiots without attacking their own team, so they just don't show up, or chose another team to support.

    ManUtd and Liverpool are, in the other hand, much more in touch with the issue, and have had some terrible, terrible experiences in the past, and still today have racist, nationalistic fans that chant very innapropiate things at their stadium or at a congregation.

    Arsenal hooligans, a sad, sad group who call themselves "the Herd", are so anonymous that if you don't research about Arsenal hooligans, you might never know of their existence. They have a forum where they insult muslims and blacks, and then they cheer on Kolo Toure... a black muslim. Hypocrits. These people are a minority, and as time goes on, their little group becomes smaller and smaller, so there's nothing to worry about, and it's not like they get together and sing at the stadium, as nowadays most of them can't even afford to go to games.

    Bottom line: Arsenal is not a club that's too sensitive in regards to Hooliganism, as it has not been as big of an issue as in some other clubs, and the americans, australians, etc. from this board do not understand how hooliganism is bad for the sport (to a certain extent).
  6. phil15

    phil15 New Member

    Millwall fans more hardcore, you been in the New Den. Imagine being pissed on by geordies and yanks impersonating west ham fans, with their ****ed up accents. That yank is a ***** as well, fight scenes are pretty **** as well.
  7. koivu

    koivu New Member Trusted

    I've seen both movies and preferred Football Factory for sure.

    That Geordie...I swear I could put on a better Cockney accent myself!

    Any other footy or hoolie movies anybody recommends?

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