Euro 2020 Group A: Italy, Switzerland, Turkey, Wales

Who will go through to the next round?

  • Italy

    Votes: 22 100.0%
  • Switzerland

    Votes: 8 36.4%
  • Turkey

    Votes: 12 54.5%
  • Wales

    Votes: 1 4.5%

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Chiellini not letting Turkey score if it's the last thing he ever does lol.

Looks a rather straight forward group for Italy


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Yes to be it's hard to judge in one game but Celik defensively look very bad and out of position and getting beaten easily.

The White Pelè

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Man, we are outstanding! Can't find a bad player today, from Spinazzola the tank to the tricky Berardi.

1-0 Italy

2-0 Italy

3-0 Italy



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Just said the same to my wife. Defenders that love to defend.

Thought that was a bit of a Jorginho masterclass tonight, & I'm not usually his biggest fan!

Love watching Italian defences over the years and you can tell it's all been handed down to Bonucci/Chiellini. I'm sure they'll pass it on to the next generation as well.

Jorginho was quality tonight, strolled through it. Looked like a player full of confidence.


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Humbling defeat for the youngest team in the competition, might be for the greater good in terms of what we expect from them.

Our best bet was to keep them out for the entire 90, and I think that's what we went for. It was pretty much 0-0 or bust, and it went bust the moment we conceded. No water carrying in the midfield whatsoever, I wouldn't be surprised if we go for a three at the back next game and introduce one of our better passers in midfield. (Thinking İrfan Can Kahveci instead of Okay Yokuşlu) We looked indecisive defensively and were completely non-existent offensively.

Italy, on the other hand, looked very, very tidy. Very self-assured and impressive performance.

Hold up that Celik stripper isn't the same geezer we're supposedly after? Holy god he's absolutely dreadful.

Chuck him into the bums A-M love pile alongside Sabitzer.
Had a rough game, but big mistake to judge him solely on his first ever performance at the big stage internationally.