Euro 2020 Group A: Italy, Switzerland, Turkey, Wales

Who will go through to the next round?

  • Italy

    Votes: 22 100.0%
  • Switzerland

    Votes: 8 36.4%
  • Turkey

    Votes: 12 54.5%
  • Wales

    Votes: 1 4.5%

  • Total voters
  • Poll closed .


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That exchange Locatelli just had with his teammate on the bench makes me hope for Guendouzi-Locatelli training interactions.


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Typical Xhaka there good free kick unlucky and after got angry because he didn't get a penalty and get yellow.


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Made a mistake with the Turkey vs Swiss game.

Locked in a Turkey win by accident :rolleyes: getting a straight L from that.


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Definitely thought with my heart on this group as I picked Turkey to finish 2nd FML. However, I picked Italy to win the whole thing and that is looking good so far, hope they do it!


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The biggest proof that I suck at predicting whatever I try to, is that I appointed Turkey as the biggest surprise in the Euros. Well, they did, in fact, surprise me by how terrible their performance was, so maybe it wasn't the worst prediction.

Italy showed absolute class - top candidates, for me. I was also happy to see Wales come in second. To be honest, and I don't mean to offend, the only team of the UK that I don't particularly have feelings for is... England. Maybe because they're not usually underdogs, and to be fair, I enjoy seeing how expectations are always so high for them, as if it was tradition for England to actually win competitions regularly.

Again, no offense to the English of the Forum, just some friendly banter.

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