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Blood on the Tracks

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Terrible stuff but If you're going to have an issue like that I suppose it happening on a football pitch is much better than it happening at your home or when you're alone. Medical response time is often the difference between life and death in situations such as these.

Whoever it was doing the live feed should sack whichever cameraman / director who decided it was a good idea to film Christian's distraught wife. Disgraceful stuff.


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Complaining to the BBC is water off a ducks back hence it's 160 quid for a licence to watch a pile of crap


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Very glad to be reading he seems to be on the road to recovery. Also very glad I wasn’t watching when it happened as it must’ve been very distressing.

This has absolutely nothing to do with extended football seasons though, not having that.


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It's already been proven that covid can cause cardiac enlargement, especially in athletes. There's even a study in Israel that the mRNA vaccines may be having a similar effect(I'm not antivax by any means). Combine that with the strain football and constant air travel put on the organs and it's worth considering if the players are more at risk now.
Has Eriksen had covid? Or the injections? Truthfully don't know if he has then it's worth checking.


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I was going to say, most of the time it is hereditary. Some underlying conditions are hard to spot. I went through a time where I was getting horrendous heart palpitations myself, multiple doc appointments and multiple ECG's showed nothing because you need to have the palps whilst being monitored.
Similar thing here a few years ago. Wore a monitor for 24 hours and it caught a few “ectopic” beats but was told everybody gets those in small amounts and that I had a “structurally normal” heart which was some comfort.
But when you’ve had that fear of a problem it’s hard to really completely lose that and, as you said, it’s always in the back of your mind when exercising, etc and is absolutely terrifying to hear about or see things like this happen.
Very happy and relieved that it seems he will be OK though.


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