Euro 2020 Group F: France, Germany, Hungary, Portugal

Who will go through to the next round?

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Thinks Poch Is The GOAT
Can't say I've paid close attention to every player so far but Semedo is up there for worst performance so far.

He's been terrible.


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****ing Hagnspray man....
It was funny because you both posted about him at literally the same time
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Just remember Rio Ferdinand saying that at West Ham he asked for Bergkamp's shirt, Dennis apparently said no and walked away without looking at him.

Get the feeling Bergkamp did that to quite a few players.
Should get a second statue just for that.

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Once Germany found the goals, they looked great. Watch them out.

3-1 Germany

4-1 Germany

4-2 Portugal



Thinks Poch Is The GOAT
That should have changed some views on Germany. I still don't think they'll win it but they looked far better than playing France.


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Class game from those Germans. Figured they would grow in the tournament, but they stand strong. Best looking side with Italy for me at this moment.


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I mentioned Renato Sanches a few weeks back but the only issue I have with him is his fitness.

Would love to have him at the carpet. Excellent player.


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germany became crap when they force toni kroos into the team ... he ruins all fluidity