Group F: Turkey, Georgia, Portugal, Czech Republic


Arséne Wenger: "I will miss you"

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I was celebrating that heroic last minute Turkish block, now I wish it went in to be honest...way I am feeling I would rather have zero points from that than 1.5!

Turkey, you will pay for your sins today 😡
😭 If there's any justice, UEFA should cancel their third goal upon review.

Few of the Turkish bench stepped on the pitch before the goal was scored



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Leao probably doesn’t realise that him having a good euros will cap off a solid 23/24 season of football opinions/agendas for Trilly.

massive stakes here


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Fun fact, Arda Güler grew up 30 minutes away from where I live and came up through the youth academy of the club I support.
He is class. I wonder if he will ever establish himself at Real. He is still young. But in 2 years he may have a decision to make

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This Portugal team man, just class.

Pity we arent seeing Joao Neves from the get go.


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Portugal got a side that could win this


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Is it actually just this woman on comms?

edit: May as well be

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We played with a bit of a handbrake

Arsène Wenger

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