Group F: Turkey, Georgia, Portugal, Czech Republic


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Wouldn't expect a 23/24 top scorer stat merchant like yourself to understand but, Kvara Trossard a good comparison tbh. Both tidy on the ball, both can grab a goal, but neither with the physical attributes to play as a touchline winger.

In our system, Kvara would be more suited to the Ødegaard role, and we aren't replacing him chico.
You don’t know ball. Kvara is a winger. He is not slower than Saka and is technically superior footballer. We don’t have a winning system. It’s the same system that could barely create against Porto in 210 mins. It’s the system that could do nothing vs Bayern. We need better footballers

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Potential Germany Vs Spain and France Vs Portugal in quarter finals.

England might end up facing Italy

Interesting matchups let's see who the first nation gonna f**k up


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The ref giving FIFA his yellow/red card list after that game...



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I see Arsenal with rainbow colours on social media and international comps using political armbands. I haven't seen a single football institution promoting religion. That's double standards.
I don't have an issue with Kökçü displaying his religiosity, but this is a bad example. The LGBT stance (or "Pride") is about protesting unfair treatment towards LGBT people, so it's a human rights position just like anti-racism, anti-violence ads and campaigns. Some may not agree with it, after all some people are pro-racism and pro-violence as well, but it's a different category. So it's not really a double standard. The same category would be (messaging against) religious repression.


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The LGBT stance is about protesting unfair treatment towards LGBT people

Nah, its more than that. It has a lot to do with political and religious issues. And football clubs should stay away from that kind of issues. The LGBT community is probably the most protected and privileged community in the UK btw. Way more protected then disabled people or people with low income for example.


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We have some talent in our team, but **** me, we might be the least composed side in the whole competition. Any time we concede a goal, panic mode is engaged. It's ridiculous how many misplaced passes and rushed actions we had after the Czechs equalized and how we let them take control with 10 men. It's Czechia, too, one of the weakest teams in the competition in terms of possession play.

If we concede early, I'm afraid we'll take an absolute battering from Austria. They already beat us 6-1 in a friendly in March. Çalhanoğlu being suspended hurts as well.

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