Group F: Turkey, Georgia, Portugal, Czech Republic


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I like this Euros a lot so far, only thing missing is sunny weather
Lack of sunny weather is likely a contributor to the good display. Not for this rainy match, obviously, but it's easier to play in mild weather in summer.


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Keepers unbelievable in the Euro so far.

In general the level of plays has been high. Seems every country has at least 11 ballers.


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Both saw their names in lights

Bit of communication and they equalise

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Thought the net would bulge there.

What a game this has been.

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Robert Pirès was a fabulous player, world-class, and for a few years, before his injury, he was unquestionably the best left-midfielder in the world by far. He had incredible technique, he was smart, a finisher. He was a killer with a smile, the gentlest man in the world who suddenly drive the ball exactly where it was needed.

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