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✍️ OFFICIAL Hector Bellerin (Loan)

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Yeah, yeah, we know it's not happening this summer, but he'll be linked every summer and it doesn't stop Barcelona tapping him up:

El Confidencial say Barcelona know we won't sell him so have gone about unsettling the player by contacting him behind the back of the club and the players agent.


Wish the club would grow some balls and report them.

Wish someone would set Nou Camp on fire.


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Bellerin to barca? Sure. We'll give them bellerin and say an even gracious 50mil for neymar else they can go **** off and do one the dirty bastards.


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Would cost an absulote fortune Arsenal could command a fee of £40Mil minimum apparently.

Can't see Barcelona going for it Arsenal got them by the bollox as always. Can't wait to our next La Masia signing.



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Lock it up this aint happening they probably still owe us money anyway wan**ers


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They can afford to buy him utilising 3rd party ownership to makeup any shortfall. And before anyone jumps in to say it's illegal, it's still happening, though through more circuitous and surreptitious methods.
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That's why they're tapping him up, they want him to force a move and get us to let him go for cheap.

He has stated many times his happy at Arsenal tho and even if he asked to leave or had his head turned his still got 4 years to run on his contract I think and is one of the most promising RB's in the world.

Can't see Barcelona paying that much money for a defender somebody like Pogba yes.
A defender doubtful.


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Can't see Barcelona paying that much money for a defender somebody like Pogba yes.
A defender doubtful.
Barca paid apparently £23M up front for Dani Alves with £7M in potential add-ons; £30M in total. In 2008.

I cannot see why they could not do the same with Bellerin at some point. Adjust for player inflation and the price would be above £40M.
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