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✍️ OFFICIAL Hector Bellerin (Loan)

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My brother posted it ⏩
We have been linked with White for most the summer?

Tavares was the only one out of the blue.

No dude come on, the bid literally came out the blue. We were not linked with him at all before Orny came out and tweeted we've bid £45M + £5M add ons. Then the deal was essentially done but it was always going to be after the euros.


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He is looking more and more like a pornstar from the 80s. I can see us loaning him out and pay half of his wages lol

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Loan with option. **** offfff
at this stage we need to move on our players or we not going to sign anyone else we have 28 squad also we need to give up no team going to give us what we want until late in market and by that it's too late to get players we want.


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It’s impressive how we’re getting no money in at all.

Time for another Edu master stroke of paying off another round of contracts

The best bit is that we have spent a lot of money already and none of it has actually improved the first team. Buy Ramsdale and that takes us above £100m with no tangible improvement on last season’s first team.
On top of that they are in a rush to give away players who started in the first team last year and then either not replace or pay stupid money for future deadwood.

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If we extend both Xhaka and Bellerin I may explode :lol:

I've got a lot of love for Hector but he's done physically in a league with the intensity of the PL. Extending his stay here would be utter madness.

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This is one is far less justifiable but we probably don't have the time to get a decent replacement. Should've sorted all this weeks ago.


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I am praying that this is just some negotiating tactic to get Inter to finally play ball and complete a move
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