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✍️ OFFICIAL Hector Bellerin (Loan)

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It makes sense if they want to preserve his value. It wouldn't surprise me to see him sign a new contact and leave on loan with no obligation to buy. I think Bellerin has enough respect and love for this club to not run down his contract. I think a deal has probably been agreed to let him leave on a loan if he extends his contract.

If its a year extension then maybe that's a possibility. Hector seems like one of the best characters at Arsenal with real integrity so I could see him agreeing to that possibly although it seems a bit unlikely.


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Looks like most clubs don’t even want to give a pack of cigarettes for him.

Goes to show how much deadwood we have collected at this club and try to kid ourselves these are all starting quality players.

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Looks like most clubs don’t even want to give a pack of cigarettes for him.

Goes to show how much deadwood we have collected at this club and try to kid ourselves these are all starting quality players.
Its more that the clubs who would want him (European clubs) have no money this summer. They are broke. Why do you think it was the Spanish clubs pushing for the Super League.


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Don't see the incentive for Bellerin to sign a new deal anyway when he's been 2nd and even 3rd choice RB at times the season past. He clearly wants to try something new as well so quite bizarre news this one.


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So the Arteta ****s here keep saying we have too much deadwood at the club which has been holding Arteta back and the he deserves his own players.. only for Arteta to extend these players contracts. THESE ARE HIS PLAYERS. So next time any of you Arteta apologists here defend this terrible excuse for a manager, remember how stupid you sound and (likely) are.


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Only makes sense if we give him an extra year and loan to Inter. If we aim to make him our first choice next season, heads need to roll.

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V sad obviously but fair play to him, he's 26, been living in the same town for a decade already, I'd wanna go somewhere new if I were him, imagine working at the same job for 10 years, life's too short for that sh*t.

The fans who have hated him for years will burn in hell for eternity.


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Not getting obligation to buy is a problem and it's quite telling that Inter aren't going for it. I don't blame Arsenal for not having it initially.

An injury or a youth player getting a chance and blowing Bellerin out the water means he's back.

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It turn obligation could be after the number of games he played i don't trust Italian clubs Napoli did same with ospina so they don't pay extra 2-3M

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Nobody is asking the real questions...wtf are the obligations?! I don’t trust our negotiators. 😂

Remember Napoli refusing to play Ospina at all, so he wouldn't reach the number of appearances that would make it an obligation?

Same energy, including the low balling offers that came afterwards.
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