Hector Bellerin (Out)

Discussion in 'Transfer Rumours' started by Hunta, Jun 7, 2016.

  1. MutableEarth

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    The question is are they attainable to us? At a price we can pay without affecting our recruitment of players in other positions?

    I personally still think the best bet is to get Jayden Bogle before one of the above clubs snap him up and we end up having to pay ridiculous prices for him. I personally think he's as good as Aarons and everybody loves Aarons.

    I'd argue that RB is an area of urgent need given that Bellerin is our only decent RB. RB is arguably a bigger issue than CF given our plethora of young talent in that position. No argument on CM though, that's easily the bigger issue.
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  2. Flying Okapis

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    Depends what Bayern are prepared too offer, you cant just rule it out, if a decent fee comes in and a RB target can be identified then you react too it, not just put it off until CM and CF are sorted. I wouldn't actively be looking for the sale of Bellerin right now but if the rumours are true, figures acceptable then I would sell him.

    Its not like Bellerin is consistently available for us, the position does kind of need sorting as he misses large chunks of a season and hasnt exactly progressed with his development much either, like I said previously having a reliable and consistent RB could be seen as an upgrade.
  3. Leo_ense_

    Leo_ense_ Well-Known Member

    Exactly, and it says something that rumours in recent years and this summer have all been with Barca, Man City, Inter, Atletico etc.

    All teams operating at a higher level currently than we do.
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  4. GDeep™

    GDeep™ Wrong, But Rarely

    Barcelona and Inter, two of the worst run clubs in Europe.
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  5. Leo_ense_

    Leo_ense_ Well-Known Member

    Trust me mate well aware on the Barca side. Boggles the mind when we spent 150m on that fraud Coutinho.

    hope you’re keeping well
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  6. GDeep™

    GDeep™ Wrong, But Rarely

    You’re linked with the American RB Dest now, and Pjanic.
  7. Leo_ense_

    Leo_ense_ Well-Known Member

    Pjanic is brilliant but I’m not sure he’s the right profile, need someone more long term to partner De Jong.

    Glad to see the back of Vidal, Coutinho etc this summer. Hopefully Dembele/Griezmann too. Whole ****ing squad needs an overhaul
  8. Impact

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    I think we all agree that Bellerín's performances over the past few seasons have not reached the levels we would have hoped for given his early promise.

    However, his off-the-field development has been very good. Post-Aubameyang, he is the obvious choice for the captaincy. If he remains a good - not a great (as initially hoped) - player, we should keep him.

    We have bigger problems with our starting 11 that HB and I'm unconvinced that the immediate post-COVID transfer market will be kind to sellers. No point raising funds with HB in a devalued market.
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  9. Tourbillion

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    Good young player on FM. I signed him on loan to compete at both LB and RB. Ajax don't want to sell him.
  10. BigPoppaPump

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    Are you from Barca? How come you support Arsenal and Barcelona?
  11. Leo_ense_

    Leo_ense_ Well-Known Member

    Originally, yeah. Ended up supporting arsenal as I’ve been living in London for a long time, and ended up in North London.
  12. TromsoGooner

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    Bellerin is far from the player he was and I doubt he will ever get back to that level. However with very little money and so many holes in the squad there are more pressing matters than upgrading on him. That being said, if it takes losing Bellerin to bring in Partey we shouldn`t hesitate.
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  13. OnlyOne

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  14. GDeep™

    GDeep™ Wrong, But Rarely

    Things like this are what make me believe there is a god.
  15. GDeep™

    GDeep™ Wrong, But Rarely

    Bellerin is crap. There was a time I probably loved him the most on here, but the guy just hasn’t developed.
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  16. American_Gooner

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    He'll kill at PFW.
  17. OnlyOne

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    Tier 1 source as well.
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  18. GDeep™

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    A lot of Tier 1 sources today, we winning.
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  19. UpTheGunnerz

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    Great news.
  20. yousif_arsenal

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    He need to improve himself at Arsenal noway he'll get at psg team

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