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Hector Bellerin (Out)

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Hopefully they can get it as quick as possible. Hector seem very happy there if we get 10-15M€ it'll be acceptable business


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I was kidding yes that the max will get from Hector he entering final year in his contract
Surprised you don’t want him to come back.

Remember you posting that pic of you in the full 12/13 kit with his name on the back.


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More chance of him moving there for free than £10m.

I'd be delighted with £5m . He only wants to go to one place, we've not got any leverage in that respect and Betis know we want him off the books.

I expect about £2m upfront and maybe another £1-2m in add ons.

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Shame how Bellerin's career turned out with his injuries etc. Clearly remember when he burst on to the scene and genuinely looked like a potential world class RB. Feels like the injuries just halted the development of his overall game and regressed his insane physical tools.

I don't think Hector was any better a footballer at 24 than he was at 19 to be honest.

I think he never really needed to develop the technical side of his game as his physical tools generally masked the deficiencies he had.

When you take away his physical attributes, as that injury did, there's not a huge amount to him.

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