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Big season ahead for Bellerin. Still the top dog at RB despite his injury but has yet to even touch his best form yet. It will be interesting to see how he adapts to Arteta.

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If hes our starting RB next season we stand no chance of getting top 4. Opponents will do as they do in every match we start Bellerin; will target him and look to exploit the space he leaves behind him, which they have done in the past numerous seasons.

If AMN and Chambers aren't ahead of Bellerin in the RB pecking order (even Cedric should be too) then serious questions need to be asked about Arteta.

Already was responsible for us getting knocked out of EL. Has produced 3 maybe 4 half decent peformances in 3 seasons? It's another Jenkinson, just not PL level but atleast Jenkinson gave 100%.
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He needs to get fully fit and Arteta needs to coach him one on one. Big season for him but he's a player I love and I want him to do well for us. Ironically, that crunching tackle from Christensen may finally give him confidence in his body again.


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I think the best thing Arteta can do is to simplify his game. The infield fullback doesn’t work with Hector. He’s far too technically limited to do that. The best thing for him is to be a touch line fullback. He seriously needs to hit the gym though if he wants to be here long term.


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We are used to seeing these unprofessional acts from Bellerin now. Like the time he kept video himself getting pissed with Arsenal fans on hoilday all summer long and came back into the season out of shape and heavily overweight. Took Bellerin about 10 weeks into the season to shift the beer belly and lost his pace ever since ( Bellerin fan girls pretend its from his injury but he lost his pace a year before that).
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I disagree with these negative assessments of Bellerin. He's a good, effective, athletic full back and I like him in the team.

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