Hector Bellerin: Renaissance Man


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Bellerin was awful today. I think he gets uneccesary stick but he was crap today. 2nd worst player after Holding.


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He’s basically not good enough for where we want to get to. His time has come and gone, and unfortunately his injuries have taken away his pace (what made him the player he was).

It’s painfully obvious to see and it needs addressing. Adding a mobile, athletic RB gives the opposition something to worry about. Not with Bellerin, who can’t even beat his man with a head start. Leeds were roasting him in the second half last week as has Sterling for the last three years.

Time to say thanks for your service but it’s time to move on. No room for sentimentality if the club are serious about progressing


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He actually looks scared (like a few of our team) when he comes up against City.

Other times I just think he's not good enough, but against the very top teams you can add in totally **** scared as well.

At least the left side tried to get some combinations going, the right side was just terrible in the main.


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He's got to go.



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Also he has 2 years left on his contract this summer, so it's actually a natural time for the club to reassess his future.


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He's wank like the gel he puts in his hair. Need to upgrade on him. Shame he's a likeable figure and our longest serving member in the first team who came through the academy. Hasn't looked 1/2 the player from 2016-2017 since his injuries.


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I don't understand how with his poor touches he's been instructed to run infield while Pepe has to stay out wide.

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I gave up on Bellerin a few months ago. He showed steady improvement when coming back from his ACL so I asked people to cut him some slack, as many athletes in this sport are often rushed back from this injury.

Unfortunately it looks like he has lost that frightening pace. I'm afraid that putting 2 and 2 together was the situation with this one. Many of us were afraid that a man so reliant on his pace may be ruined by an ACL injury. Some players change their game to suit that and I think Bellerin has done so a tiny bit, but the bottom line here is that he isn't good enough defesnively or building up from the back. He has one of the best attack positioning and overlaps in the league (for fullbacks) for me but that doesnt make him fantastic on the ball, at passing, crossing, defending, recovering etc. He's poor at those things.

I do think Bellerin may revitalise himself abroad. I think its time to go our seperate ways, and be happy that we can end this relationship in good faith. I see Bellerin changing his game eventually and being a very serviceable player in Spain/Italy/France. I just hope we make the right decision as a club and part ways at the correct time which is 100% this summer. Its usually the club's dilly dallying in the transfer market and their obscene contracts that cause a massive rift between players and the fan base. For example there wouldnt have been many ill feelings if we actually sold Mustafi when we should have, i.e. after his first or second seasons. Lets avoid this happening to Bellerin, a man who loves the club.


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Bellerin is a below average footballer. He was from the start, but Arsenal valued his pace.

The problem I have is that Arteta always plays him as if he is essential. He is more involved in our offense than anyone, as if our strategy revolves around him. If he is leading our attack it is not a wonder that we rarely score.

I’d prefer a proper right back who can play defense so our actual attacking talent can be more brave. Pepe wants to attack and Bellerin is overlapping aimlessly on the inside. Now Pepe has to worry about who is behind that has the pace to defend our right flank. Is it normal for the right back to overlap to the inside? What will he do if you get him the ball?

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