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Bellerin may not be what we need but Chambers and Cedric should only be used if there's literally nobody else over 16 available. We are truly stuffed if he gets a move on Tuesday.


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Truly hope Bellerin smashes it in Betis. He's not at the same level he used to be but we all know he loved it here and gave his all.

1 can only dream he refinds his form, he was a threat!


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One of the last Arsenal players to play in The Champions League with us, might be a while before we are in that competition again sadly.

Injuries really hindered his form the last few years, but from around 2015-2018, he was good, a fine successor to Sagna.

Good luck in Spain!


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Love this quote from Arteta:

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Considering how our last 10 years have been, it's not a good thing to be a really important part of that. I agree with Arteta though.


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Buried with aplomb by the lad. Betis told him he needs to forget about the trees and focus on ball and this is what he does.

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