Henrikh Mkhitaryan: Taking The Mkhi

Discussion in 'Arsenal Talk' started by OnlyOne, Jan 22, 2018.

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  1. Mark Tobias

    Mark Tobias Mr. Agreeable

    Well said.
  2. Taylor Gang Gunners

    Taylor Gang Gunners Shame is a dish best served cold Trusted

    I’d love for a club to come in for this guy, I’d take something like £13M or so.

    He doesn’t add anything to our attack other than a few pointless one twos and overly ambitious passes that are often executed poorly.

    Mental he’s on such high wages but understandable as he’s a Raiola man. A 3 week purple patch of good form every season doesn’t justify his role here.
  3. Dutch D

    Dutch D Well-Known Member

    Agree with the above posts. €15m and his wages off the books would be great. Already have adequate replacement, would be even more superfluous after a winger is brought in.

    We're not getting rid of Özil, so no need to keep Mkhitaryan as CAM either.
  4. UpTheGunnerz

    UpTheGunnerz No Longer Phallus Obsessed

    Deserves a chance as a 10 if we keep him.
  5. Iceman10

    Iceman10 Well-Known Member

    Have never considered him effective on a flank anyway, so that leaves backup CAM to Özil. Couldn't play that role effectively in the friendly against Real Madrid, maybe Emery will give him more chance to prove himself there, but if we are bringing in Zaha (or Soares) and Ceballos (loan), and we have our youngsters also, I really don't see value in keeping Mkhi anymore.

    IMO, should let him go, even on the cheap. The loss may seem bad, but so is the loss in value of potential assets when young blood is held back due to reduced opportunities (pecking orders). One to look out for with the selling transfer window (outside England) being a few weeks longer than the buying one.
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  6. idan

    idan Member

    no one will take him with his wages.
  7. Jasard

    Jasard Forum Issue Troubleshooter

    I'd take any money for him, awful player.
  8. RunTheTrap

    RunTheTrap Well-Known Member

    People keep saying Mkhitaryan is an option in midfield. Absolutely not, he’s woeful and barely contributes to us. I’d sell him for a half eaten snickers bar
  9. Dennis_Bergkamp_10

    Dennis_Bergkamp_10 Well-Known Member

    It's sad that players like Bielik want assurances or they want to leave where we have Miki, Elneny etc just picking up wages not doing anything.

    He's going to feature more than we'd like next season and he's going to disappoint more than we'd like as well.

    I'd say be excited.
  10. Dutch D

    Dutch D Well-Known Member

    Ship this guy of to China, please!
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  11. yousif_arsenal

    yousif_arsenal King of Twitter Rumours Moderator

    It's known thw guy was finished since his days at manutd ivan f**ked up. We'll be lucky to sell him.
  12. James Bond

    James Bond Moderation Consultant

    Still can’t wrap my mind around the club turning down multiple bids, the last being 60m, for Sanchez at the start of the season/end of the window only to end up straight swapping him out for this wasteman 4 months later.

    Make no mistake United played a blinder offloading this dud and his wages on us regardless of what they ended up playing Sanchez per week as at least they knew Alexis is/was able to produce within England. United backed that a motivated Sanchez could/would reach the level he was at the season before at Arsenal, but I can’t undertand what people in charge at AFC saw in Henrikh. Screams of Sven being unable to turn down/suggesting/convincing the club to sign another one of his ex Dortmund crew.

    Moved to Arsenal with 0 expectations, yet somehow he has still been massively disappointing all while soaking up massive wages as what the 2nd or 3rd highest paid player at the club?

    Also crazy to think the club were going to blow 90 ****ing million on Lemar with the Sanchez money, so I guess there is somewhat of a silver lining in this mess somewhere, but really it just further highlights the club was/is run top to bottom by a bunch of idiots. /rant
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  13. Hexagon9

    Hexagon9 Well-Known Member

    I thought we got cash as well from MU as part of the deal? Like £20-30M.
  14. RunTheTrap

    RunTheTrap Well-Known Member

    Let’s be honest. Mkhitaryan has had 1 good season in European football at the top 5 leagues.
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  15. African Flair

    African Flair Well-Known Member

    You are joking right? He doesn't deserve to wear the shirt again.
  16. Mark Tobias

    Mark Tobias Mr. Agreeable

    Based on what?
  17. Toby Andrl

    Toby Andrl Part Time Stuttgart Fan Trusted

    Including his time at Donezk it was more like 4 or 5. Let's not get overboard - still clear he's done since coming to England for whatever reason. Very disappointing overall as during his Dortmund days he looked absolute class from right, left and centre. Hard to tell what happened - if it was Mourinho, but then again Wenger didn't exactly get him back on track, or if it's the league's style and intensity, then again he excelled in Klopp's and Tuchel's intense systems, or just a plain case of early mental and physical regression - guy seems to neither be able to get sharp mentally nor physically.
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  18. RunTheTrap

    RunTheTrap Well-Known Member

    When I say top league I mean top 5. Premier League, La Liga, Ligue 1, Serie A and the Bundesliga.
    I’m not trying to be rude but what league is Donezk in ?
  19. Toby Andrl

    Toby Andrl Part Time Stuttgart Fan Trusted

    Of course, but they're still often playing CL for that matter.

    And even if you exclude Donezk, he's had more than one good season for Dortmund. Scored/assisted 41/49 in 140 games for them. His first season was good, his second was a bit of a bummer re: stats but he played well and his third for them was stellar - and he was mainly deployed as a left or right winger in 15/16. 12/13 goals/assists from the left, 10/15 from the right. It's a myth he's only had one good season in top football and it's a myth he can't play or score from out wide.

    I truly think he's just physically regressing early and seems like he's had problems settling into this league from the get go for some reasons. Maybe if he'd come to Arsenal right away after Dortmund things could've been different with a more fitting regime and footballing style. Who knows.

    It's clear as day he's past it now and signing him was a misunderstanding/mistake, but saying he was never class or only for one season is a tad overboard.
  20. Gunner boy dd

    Gunner boy dd Coronavirus Truther

    Mkhi is done here. Came to the premier league in his prime and failed to replicate his bundesliga form at man united and here. Absolutely toothless on the pitch. Saying that, I thought he was decent when he first joined under Wenger.
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