"Henry brushes off Barcelona speculation" [Fixed]

Discussion in 'Arsenal Talk' started by gun4glory, Nov 19, 2005.

  1. gun4glory

    gun4glory New Member

    "Henry brushes off Barcelona speculation" [Fixed]

    Looks promising... have a look...
  2. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    It's neither here or there.
  3. Army of Me

    Army of Me New Member Elite

    how many times does one man have to say he doesn't want to talk about this sort of thing?
  4. Wenger14

    Wenger14 New Member Elite

    He's still undecided, and to be fair, we shouldn't have a problem with it. Let him decide his future when the seasons over and I have no doubts he'll stay at Arsenal. He loves the club, you can see it, and it's more than acceptable that he wants his mind clear when he makes probably one one the biggest decisions in his career.
  5. gun4glory

    gun4glory New Member

    Also on here:


    im pretty sure that he really wants to stay, but tbh, the club isnt showing enough ambition in the transfer market, i know we tried hard this summer and things didnt go our way, and i also know tht AW like to keep his cards to his chest and henry knows that too, thats probably why hes waiting... i think hell stay though...
  6. sabret00the

    sabret00the New Member Trusted

    how you all get from him not wanting to talk about it to him wanting to stay at arsenal for life is a joke, i'd hate to see the backlash should he move on and release and autobiography.
  7. nadia

    nadia New Member

    of course you could see that as good news, but i agree that this could be thierry's biggest career move, so of course he's careful what to say and we'll just have to wait.... hope he stays, of course, don't even want to think of arsenal without thierry :cry: there better be someone really good to replace tha va-va-voom...
  8. gun4glory

    gun4glory New Member

    Well if he does, its his right, and i can garantee you that noone on this board will be happy about it...
    Him not talking about a contract could be him threatening the club and AW to do somethiong that'll make him wanna stay... i really doubt he WANTS to leave Arsenal, whether he does or has to for his own sake is a different story...
  9. gun4glory

    gun4glory New Member

    Immpossible --> irreplaceble
  10. Wenger14

    Wenger14 New Member Elite

    see what your saying, but tbh it's more out of hope and gut feeling when a fan says Henry will stay here for life.

    Although, you can see his passion for the club, it's there, and you can't blame him for wanting to consider his options, it's his career and he owes nothing to the club. But if he loves the club as much as we seem to think, he'll be here for a few more season at the very least.

    Didn't Wenger stall on contract talks as well? Someone please refresh my memory.
  11. kel varnsen

    kel varnsen New Member Trusted

    if he'd decided to stay, he'd tell us. he hasn't, ergo he is still undecided. if he leaves, i'll blame wenger and this team will, pretty much, fall apart. that is the bottom line.
  12. bethie

    bethie New Member

    and you blame the fishmonger for the lost of one of his best customer when the customer decided on a change of diet. :roll:
  13. Darius

    Darius New Member

    I'm quite sure he'll stay according to his characteristic, while I'll curse the goddamned board members.
  14. footballus_maximus

    footballus_maximus New Member

    he's a traitor. i don't respect anything he says anymore. let me give u one of his quotes....

    "i don't understand some people who kiss the club's badge one day then join another club the next.."

    ahem.....Henry, you have no class.
  15. Killer7

    Killer7 New Member


    No class? A traitor? No respect? Joined another club?

    Now that's funny!

    I reckon he's going to stay and can understand why the delay in the talks.
  16. mrsvanpersie

    mrsvanpersie New Member

    In a way, i agree with TH14 - i am sick and tired, as other fans must be, of reading about every newspaper speculating the "will he, wont he" move debate. In a recent interview, TH14 said that everytime he wore an arsenal shirt, he went out and played with utmost commitment - and i do agree with him.......just because he has delayed contract talks, newspapers(tabloids mainly - no surprise there :roll: ) are banging on about Barcelona-Henry-Doom if Henry leaves, etc.........lets end speculating, and
    get back to talking about Eastenders, shall we? :)
  17. Abdirizak

    Abdirizak New Member

    I could have sworn you were a Barca "fan"?
  18. mrsvanpersie

    mrsvanpersie New Member

  19. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Whats the point of these damm threads.

    Regardless of what Henry says, or doesn't say..

    You still won't know what is going to happen till after the end of the season.
  20. BengalGooner

    BengalGooner New Member

    he'll stay 8)

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