"Henry on form the best player in the world"

Discussion in 'Arsenal Talk' started by Anonymous, Jun 9, 2004.

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  1. JazzG

    JazzG New Member Elite

    I'm not gonna sit here and make a list of games he has done bad in, in the PL he has done brilliantly but in Europe he has not done as well. Like I said earlier the main reason is because of the players around him. His strike partner, Pires and Freddie more often than not have let us and him down and he gets criticised for it.

    Maybe I expect too much from him but so far I have always expected loads from him and he has usually delivered, if I keep expecting more I hope he will deliver more!
  2. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    I think some of you are blind. Thierry Henry is always on the ball and always on fire. I know some people fail to see that but some people not exactly expect too much, but don't know what they are watching.

    Do you want Henry to score more goals? Make more runs?

    You can't have everything your own way!!
  3. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Funny awards CER by the way. Had me laughing for ages!!

    Long Live all RP's :wink:
  4. Adam

    Adam New Member Elite

    Internationally Henry has been superb bar Japan 2002 (when the whole France team underperformed). Let's see what he can do in a flourishing side that has dominated qualifying and has the best defensive record.

    This is a great oppurtunity for Thierry to get people to label him as the world's best, and a chance to gain world player of the year recognition. It is perhaps unfair on the likes of Ronaldinho and Kaka that he has the Euro's to showcase his talents, when they have something far less superior to compete in this summer....
  5. reggiepaul

    reggiepaul New Member

    I think it's easy for people to find fault with Henry in some games.

    The reason being they fail to see ALL of Henry's game. For me he is always mesmerising and awe inspiring.

    They expect too much from him,

    but I think it's really just they don't give him credit for the games he has been phenomenal in. He is always phenomenal, only in the big games people fail to see where he raises our game. Sometimes it is position and creating space in the big games.

    The Truth is...
    A game is a game. Thierry henry has played well in more big games than bad. He has always played well in more small games than not so well. You just fail to see it.

    In some big games, or most basically he may be making runs, darting forward, making assists - doing the whole job and people will praise. In these games he has the capability to. In other big games he takes a different role but it is always a unique role and an important role. Just because he doesn't have more of a camera moment doesn't mean he is doing nothing. It means he is playing a different role.

    It is an insult to Henry to state he takes a less role. He is the best in the world. You fail to see the effect of the best players in the world and what the best are capable of.

    Do you think Pele and Maradona scored goals in every single game they played? No. They were the best because they had many dimensions to their game.

    When you make an argument and it is a common occurrence here, people don't want to respect or read effectively in to what a poster is saying. Looking at these awards up I am not the only one who feels this way.

    As I have said in the past, it's not because you see more that you ignore an opinion but you see less. Try and see what all posters are saying in their opinion, instead of kissing someone's arse.


    I've got used to people kissing others arse just because they have been given cheap status around here. If status means so much to you, you're more sad and pathetic and you now have a group to prove that. Well done. Assholes attract assholes, it's mathematical.
  6. Adam

    Adam New Member Elite

    Reggie - agree with all of that up untill you started slating personally. Those assumptions have no founding, and are your guesses of somebodies mentality when posting. When you make a post - you do not think about who you are pleasing by writing the post, you write what you see, think and feel. Every user has the capacity to do this, and i have great faith that they do. Of course, there are some who conform purely to a media voice to give them insight. To suggest some users are puppy's with no desire to have their own voice - is out of order. How do you measure that? It is wrong.
  7. Adam

    Adam New Member Elite

    There are those in life who seek to educate, and those who give up. Please, do not feel the need to give up if you feel you are bringing understanding to the misunderstood.

    What is clear is that it is easier for you to be slating people, rather than seeking harmony. You are here to get what you want out of the forum - a debate. Please do not disrespect it with your judgements, which are not measured. I appreciate footballing opinions, but any personal slant is unnecessary. What do you come on here for? To slate other Arsenal fans, and in turn - feed your own ego. Or do you come here to genuinely learn, discuss, and educate others with your informed opinions.

    You may find users whose persona you disagree with. You will also find users who will agree with you (see clockendrising, Bobafett). Just depends on who believes what side is based on harmony and intelligence, rather than seperatism, ego-based rebellion dislike. :wink:
  8. patrick42uk

    patrick42uk New Member Elite

    henry is the world's best. he is both productive and exciting. Ronaldinho has those two qualities too, but henry plays as a forward, and is older therefore edges the productivity aspect. the gap between the two isnt large IMO. ronaldinho is undoubtedly the more gifted footballer. the gap between the two would have been larger if not for the extremes in henry's performances. in one game he can be absolutely mesmerising. however, on bad days, rather than be average like you would expect from the top players, henry can be shockingly poor. i feel though recently that such games are fewer with his increased maturity (because mentality is a big part of it), but they are still there. there is only one reason why henry might never gain world player of the year recognition and that is ronaldinho. with zidane out of the way soon, ronaldinho is a real and large threat. ronaldinho also has the champions league for the first time next year where he will be under the spot light of europe. that tournament might decide it. i might be wrong, but i think henry scored only 3, maybe four this year in europe. for a man who scored 30 domestically, that is poor. he will have to improve drastically because i can see ronaldinho doing a great deal better than that. the personal duel between the two will be fun to watch, and i feel next season promises to be an exciting one.
  9. thegame24

    thegame24 New Member

    Didnt henry score 6 in the cl this year?and set up a few too.
  10. reggiepaul

    reggiepaul New Member

    I don't think my own ego is nourished by it Adam. I think Adam, if you looked at the forum carefully and addressed every member you know as you've just addressed me you'll find more members fitting your description than I do.

    How can ego even come in to this when you're obviously creating segregation via status and you are inferior? Unless people are threatened by members with a more forceful view that threatens that status? That makes more sense here.

    There are obviously people who need the forum and it's segregation, as you relate to it, more than those who are not involved in any of the status at all. That is evident when members of a segregation enforce it by grouping together. Now this isn't slating people Adam, I find it's an obvious observation and it's so in your face and the authoritarian superiority is so evident you can't go around the forum without noticing it.

    In fact adam, you hardly get debate here. Most people run off in to their little hideaways when they see a debate to recharge their egos. If a debate arrived they get other TMG's to fight their corner and build up their ego when they are so visibly wrong. Instead of trying to see more opinions and respecting them there is a view to suck up to some people.

    Creating harmony around here would be easy but within the sucking up that occurs I think this is the last place I would even encourage harmony for all the ego's and ego massaging that occurs. It's basically like give someone a status and let each person with that status fight to hold on to that status' superiority. There is no room for harmony there - just more inequality so how can you encourage harmony? You can't.

    As I said before there is a sense of superiority here but it's the most ridiculous and cheapest form of superiority I have seen. It carries as much pride as climbing up your own rear end. Another joke that can be aligned to it.
  11. patrick42uk

    patrick42uk New Member Elite

    i lied, henry scored five. i just feel a striker of his calibre and our true goalscoring source should be closer to the top of the scoring charts (morientes got 11). if we are to win the tournament maybe he would need to score a few more. of course the danger is depending on him too much, but i was under the impression he relishes that.
  12. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Impossible to have harmony in this place.

    I have to highlight and be frank that the inequality here is rank! Even when you think you have harmony you will have the obvious levels of rank (differen meaning) to diminish that harmony. There will never be harmony here, only a sense of superiority for those at the top who never ever post. What kind of a forum is that???

    There are different levels that only the first members of the forum have authority over. Then you have these "higher" members ganging up to shut you up. I have to be honest and say I never ever read the articles as they don't interest me. I'm a journalist and I would never ever give those articles credit. Looking deeper in to this forum immediate writings were taken from the original members however awfully they write.

    I hope I am not being so critical and harsh but this inequality is so that someone can be an egotistical control freak and control those below him with differing levels of power. When in fact the more talented or insightful posters are ignored because those above don't want to look stupid. It's funny and humourous too.

    Anyway, Thierry Henry is a God. To question him is ridiculous and idiotic.
  13. Adam

    Adam New Member Elite

    Reggie - The statuses are lighthearted. If users feel acheivement and tribalism and security within that tribalism by having other TMG's to support them - then they shouldn't be TMG's. You get status by being rewarded for good debate, reflected in posts.

    Fact is - users will be more committed and post better if they have an incentive. Giving status, and privelages is that incentive. Just as Thierry is rewarded with goal bonuses - users get theirs.

    What you are referring to, predominantly, happened in one thread when you slated Jeffers. If you go back to it - i actually supported your argument. Does this not disprove your theory?

    I, more than anyone, value high class debate. When that thread came up - we all agreed it was a good laugh, and entertained us in this close season.

    Keep it up! :wink:
  14. Adam

    Adam New Member Elite

    clockendrising - We notice insightful posters. Your less than what 50 posts, is not giving us a chance to see you. We reward commitment with the site by giving members access to diferent areas of the forum like random chatting. These statuses were created for access and incentive reasons, and not to say i am bigger than you.
  15. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    I don't have time to post a lot. I usually laugh at most posts and the interaction.

    p.s. you cannot remove or deny what the exclusivity creates for some people, especially when it isn't earned but is exploited.
  16. Adam

    Adam New Member Elite

    Well, then, it seems nice to maintain a high seat for you, but not for others.. (even though the others high seat is in fact a baby chair).

    I guess the terminology doesn't do us any favours. "Favoured member" is borderline sexual. We live in a world of position, i guess this forum is just an extension of that general inequality. I'll give you a contextual hint.... you can get frustrated with it on a forum, or think about it in a real world context and hang yourself. :wink:
  17. patrick42uk

    patrick42uk New Member Elite

    dont think you'v been here long enough to judge that mate. i think its really petty to see essentially irrelevant titles such as 'trusted member' as a threat. the wording might be unfortunate and suggest exclusivity, but in practice they are harmless incentives.
  18. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    I won't be told that they are harmless when my observations and experiences have been far from that. I can see from the way the "favoured memers" and "trusted member golds" act they feed off a form of exclusivity. I notice how they avoid certain topics and they align themselves in regards other topics as well. It is subtle but easily noticable.

    I think it's petty stating my time here of 6 months (and before that longer before the forum went down) is not worthy of judging. In fact this is a clear example of the superiority that people express here in regards to the wording they use.

    Yes, in the world of children this type of labelling would be harmless or a nothing but it exists doesn't it? Then you do have benefits and exclusivity that others don't have, don't you? So who are you really trying to fool? I think it's yourselves and others.

    If it doesn't matter - give all rights to everyone. That would be equality. In fact, I am beginning to wonder with your responses and the choice of awards I saw before hand why exactly do you have these titles.

    Firstly you say they don't matter - but you still have them don't you?

    Secondly you create awards where you generally praise other members and attack non exclusive members. That is inequality and a series of superiority and self congratulation.

    I am sorry but you can't run away from this. If this labelling doesn't matter remove the status system. If it does matter, admit that you admire and need the exclusiity.
  19. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    I love how you ignore what I said. I also love how you attack me personally and say I have no right to judge.

    When can I judge? After a year? After two years? After I am a favoured member or a trusted member? Is this only something you can decide.

    I find you telling me it is petty as extremely authoritarian of you. I can do and say whatever I like.

    If you think it is a non-issue, drop the label. Don't use it.

    I am not stupid, so don't treat me as such. It's a ridiculous labelling system and what makes it more ridiculous is people live their life by it. As you have proved here.
  20. Adam

    Adam New Member Elite

    About the attacking of non exclusives - that's not true. Dan the man came out with ridiculous comments.

    The rest are directed at Manc's.

    You have seen how they act - but have not given any examples. Unfounded assumption. I understand how you can see a label underneath their name, and then your brain goes "oh my, superiority complex, threat". Being a journalist, i am sure you have messages to put out and feel that your communication is thwarted by people having these labels underneath their names.

    Well then, how would you respond to "Clockendrising - sports writer of the year"?

    You may find a way that ensures your **** doesn't stink.

    You, and maybe two others (who may also believe they are unique and intelligent because they are non-conformist - conformist to what i do not know!) are being petty.

    The ultimate contradiction is that you say you laugh at other peoples comments and interaction. This, at the same time as building yourself up with tales of your journalism, whilst criticising others who make the effort on this site to write original articles. If anything - you are the one performing the worst art of prejudice.

    Status complex's are for the weak minded who believe they are something!

    Do not mean to be so harsh, but you can snap out of it.
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