Houssem Aouar

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Can we get back on topic, please!

How about Laca + Guendouzi + 10 M for Aouar?

Lyon rumored to want 60M for him...

If thats the case, what are your values?

I cant seem to find any combination that makes sense

20M + 30M + 10?

you rate laca at 20M?
if not you and you rate him at 30M, then you rate matteo at 20M?


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I don't think Buendia has the potential to be world class.

Based on what ? We've only seen either of youtube and a few Aouar CL appearances that Buendia never even had the chance to experience.
Buendia holds the cards in terms of having done it in the better league - my knowledge of either, and that's an honest admission few AM lads are ready to do, is that I've mainly seen them on youtube where they look equally wordclass.


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maybe not world class, but he was a huge upgrade from what we had in midfield last season. There's no guarentees with Aouar coming here and kicking on his development, buying players from Ligue 1 is a lottery, as an example everyone thought Ndombele was going to help Sp**s dominate midfields and the only thing he's dominated so far is the buffet table.

Aouar seems to be one of these players that has been highly rated coming up through the age groups. We've been linked to him since he was 17, Pep spoke about him a couple of years back & again this year, De Bruyne spoke about him after their CL game, so he comes highly rated within the game.

I find it a bit odd that there has been very little interest whatsoever it seems on Buendia mind you.


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I feel with Partey it just comes down to sales. Either we have the 50M or we don’t so there’s not really much to work on.

With Aouar you can tell that Lyon won’t realistically be able to set a hard negotiating stance and will have to meet us at the table eventually. Even with Aulas.

I thought that's what I said! :)


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