...How about Owen Hargreaves?

Discussion in 'Arsenal Talk' started by Arsenic_addicted, Aug 8, 2004.

  1. gunnertilldeath

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    if vieira moves (i am still holding out hope), we will have to replace our most important player. i dont think we should buy a bench-warmer. we need a player to make an immediate impact, someone who should be thrown straight into the starting 11. for that reason, i dont think we should get hargreaves. we should be looking at his big bro at bayern. mike ballack. thats the man we should be talking about. bayern will have to realistically consider a bid of 15 mill for him. i really think that will do the trick. by the way, i am watching ghana take on italy and Appiah of juventus just scored an absolute gem of a goal. cut 2 italian homos before blasting the ball in from 30 yards. looks more an attacking midfielder though. he had the assist for the first goal and just scored the second. seems to be lurking behind the forwards. the italians are looking extremely ordinary. people were suggesting appiah to replace PV but he doesnt look like the tackling general that we are looking for. with time, a club could build a team around him, just not arsenal.
  2. ethanen

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  3. shaz

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    not bad for 5 mills
  4. godfather

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    dont think so
  5. calvinngai88

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    Bayern's asking for 7million for Hargreaves. 7.5million should be able to prise away Mascherano. So what say you guys?
  6. Arnie

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    i heard they want 8mill. but we have paddy anyway

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