Hypothetical of the Week: What is a rule you'd add or modify in the game?

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Don't like increasing the number of subs. 3 is good. 5 is like changing the whole forward line at one go.

A good rule would be to have a dedicated number of home-grown players in a team at any time, to ensure that the money is put back into the community.
It gives more oppurtunity to more players though.


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Again, for me one of the worst things is a guy who is pretending to be injured in the 89th minute just to slow the game down. Why should a game stop for two minutes for this?

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I always thought there should be an emergency sub rule. Say for example if a team has used their three substitutes and gets an injury, they should be allowed to bring another player on- rather than have to struggle with 10 men.

Of course, teams will naturally look to abuse this rule sadly. But I’ve always thought it was unfair that an injury could potentially cost a team.


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1. No away goal rule;
2. No international breaks, just finish the season earlier and play all the international games afterwards. Sucks for the managers because you basically don't work with the team for the whole year, but who cares about the international footy anyway;
3. More players on the bench are allowed - pre-covid you could only have 7 players on the bench (now it's 9 players I think?), and I would keep at least 9 even after covid
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This is impractical and would cost too much worldwide - but - Widen the goalposts by a little bit.
It would incentivise offensive play and discourage parking the bus.
Plus less 0 - 0 bore draws.


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This one is so obvious I don’t understand why it’s not a rule yet. Just stop the clock when play is stopped. Make sure there’s 90 minutes of real play. Would instantly be the end of time-wasting as well.

I remember hearing that if they did that, the players would be playing for approx 25mins more per game!

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Not add or modify but actually remove.

I’d end all international competitions apart from the World Cup. Club football is where the best quality, entertainment and money is ultimately.
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