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Ibrahima Bamba


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Don't buy this link. I think we have moved past signing virtually unknown players who are lacking experience against good competition. I think we would rather buy them for an extra 15-20m once they have got the necessary experience than gamble of them being good enough. It's a better business decision too as far as I'm concerned. If their not good enough you waste 20m that could be better spent elsewhere while also potentially missing out of Champions League which is another 30m or so. Potentially 50m you could use to sign someone with a lot more quality.

Even guys like Kiwior who very few people knew had 43 Serie A appearances and 9 international caps for Poland. Its a far greater sample size compared to say Sambi Lokongba.


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I cannae see this. Doesn’t make sense for our current situation. Too raw and inexperienced to bring in and back up Partey at the business end of the season.

If it does go through I just hope it’s not a case of the club just settling for the cheap option.

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