Ibrahimovic sold

Discussion in 'Football Talk' started by Soler, Aug 31, 2004.

  1. Canuck

    Canuck New Member Elite

    Good striker, but he seems like a big-ego prick to me...but hey, what do I know? :roll:
  2. Loylz

    Loylz Moderator Moderator

    Yeah but he still had that side to his game.
  3. Arjan

    Arjan New Member Trusted

    I wish you were right, but Juventus really ripped off Ajax.
    The payments for Ibrahimovic are as follows :shock:
    3 million direct, 3 million on 31 august 2005, 3 million on 31 august 2006, 3 million on 31 august 2007, and on 31 august 2008 Juventus will pay 4 million euro.

    Daylight robbery, esp. if you consider he had a buy-out clause of 50! million

    It is time Koeman got fired!
    2 other talents (ibra and trabs) gone, no replacements.
  4. Loylz

    Loylz Moderator Moderator

    :shock: That's shocking. Are you sure. That is a poor deal IMO, and Juve have really done some good piece o business.
  5. Canuck

    Canuck New Member Elite

    Juve are looking good. Signed Ibra from Ajax and Cannarvaro from Inter.
    Two quality players...and who have they let go recently, Di viao to Valencia and Davids last season (he's on the slide anyway)
  6. Loylz

    Loylz Moderator Moderator

    I'm still pissed that Inter sold Cannavarro. They seem to want to lose to their rivals. They only bought him a few seasons ago, like two years. And just when they seem to have a balanced squad they sell their best defender. :roll:
  7. n_henry

    n_henry New Member

    Wow...Ajax really got screwed with that deal! :shock:

    Juve have bought well - Ibrahimovic and Cannavaro.. 8) But yeah, why would Inter sell a top defender to Juve? I'll never understand how Italian players just go from team to team.. :?
  8. Gooner_Milton

    Gooner_Milton New Member

    Fantastic talent. Major attitude problem though.

    Ian Chadband of ESPN said it best, "His ego is the size of Stockholm."
  9. SuperBob

    SuperBob New Member

    He's a good player I watch him constantly on ESPN in the Champions League and Dutch League. The amount of times he loses possesion when the ball is played to him and then tries to make a pass to the player running forward with his back to goal is hard to understand. However once he sorts that out and his attitude could become world class.
  10. jacc_7_1

    jacc_7_1 New Member

    Zlatan is a player with potential
    played well an wenger against italy in euro.. few seasons ago when wenger showed an interest in him wanted him to be here but too bad he decided to go italy...
    wished him all the best...
  11. Loylz

    Loylz Moderator Moderator

    Try Sweden.
  12. GoonerGurjit

    GoonerGurjit New Member Elite

    Zlatan's a top quality player but I think he would do better in the Premiership or la Liga. Trezeguet, Zlatan and Del Piero is on paper a frightening set of strikers.
  13. DB10

    DB10 New Member

    what was that thing about him and Arsène?

    we gave him a shirt with his name on it and the no9. asked him to come over for a trial before he went to Ajax but he rejected us.

    saw his goal last week i think, class.......... dummied past 4 defenders and the keeper.

    VDV should be happy hes gone.
  14. calvinngai88

    calvinngai88 New Member

    Then VDV will have the limelight along with Sneijder in Ajax? :roll:
  15. torgrim

    torgrim New Member Elite

    And now some of the Ajax lads cheer his departure, he really must be an asshole when his own teamates celebrate the loss of such a gifted player.
  16. Arnie

    Arnie New Member

    that flick goal verses italy, pure class!!
  17. Gurgen

    Gurgen New Member Elite

    He is :lol:
  18. Soler

    Soler New Member Elite

    VDV: "That bloke has got a screw loose."
  19. shaz

    shaz New Member

    i think his overrated personally.
  20. Anders Limpar

    Anders Limpar New Member

    What is this the Arsenal - Ajax convention?

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