If you could have one past player?

Discussion in 'Arsenal Talk' started by gooner#1, Sep 9, 2004.


If you could have one past player who would it be?

  1. Liam Brady

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  2. Charlie George

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  3. Ian Wright

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  4. Tony Adams

  5. Dennis Bergkamp

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  6. Thierry Henry

  7. Patrick Vieira

  8. David Seaman

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  9. Other

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  1. gooner#1

    gooner#1 New Member

    I''m back with my Polls !If you could have one previous Arsenal player back in the team @ his prime , who would you have ?
    If you have others whom I havent mentioned please post them here.
  2. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    ponytail defo!
  3. RocktheCasbah

    RocktheCasbah New Member Elite

    Though I've never seen him apart from in old videos, it has to be the deified Liam Brady, doesn't it? Especially with the "issues" we have in midfield..
  4. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    I never saw him play either, I think my old man has just got over us selling him now! That goal he scored at the Lane agianst the Yids - world class. I would give my right arm to have been behind that goal.
  5. gooner#1

    gooner#1 New Member

    My spud mum is still crying about that goal!
    she heard the reaction from da crowd cos her school was right opposite highbury :wink:
  6. Mark

    Mark New Member Elite

    I'm gonna have to go with Liam Brady as well, even though with Adams back our defence would be so much stronger than it currently is. Brady is one of the best players the game has seen. Imagine him in the middle with Vieira. Irresistable.
  7. gooner#1

    gooner#1 New Member

    Put Brady on the right wid Bobby on the left...irresistable!
  8. Mark

    Mark New Member Elite

    That too would be brilliant! :D
  9. kanuuu

    kanuuu New Member

    Seaman because i still feel Goalkeeper is our worst position.
  10. faki00

    faki00 New Member

    adams..defense would be a wall. put robokolo on the right.
  11. gooner#1

    gooner#1 New Member

    Thanks .
    I though of putting Brady on the right cos Freddy needs a rest and would be good cover for him .
  12. kin4ever

    kin4ever New Member

    Jennings :angel
  13. burnsjed

    burnsjed Well-Known Member

    Brady would have played left side of midfield, in place of Edu/Gilberto/Fabregas etc.
    To play him on the right would have defeated the object, better off playing Rocky.
  14. Gurgen

    Gurgen New Member Elite

    Tony Adams.
  15. arsenal4life

    arsenal4life New Member

    it's MR ARSENAL

    and no one else
  16. slapz

    slapz New Member Trusted

    Glen Helder. We have so much problems on the left wing so could do with his mazy runs
  17. gunnertilldeath

    gunnertilldeath New Member Elite

    ooh ahh tony adams. ooh ahh tony adams
  18. sean

    sean New Member

    tony adams.
    as someone said.
    toure to right back and we have a great defense.

    chipper was a brilliant player and proved that by getting rave reviews when he went to italy.
    he would be my second choice.
    whoever said chipper for the right is nuts.
    he was a central midfield playmaker who made the team tick.
    with brady in the team , teams would struggle to get the ball back off us.
    count on 1 hand the misplaced passes he made in a game.
  19. Henry IV

    Henry IV New Member

    Eddie McGoldrick. ;D Just kidding!

    I would love to have Alan Smith in the team. He was a tall, elegant striker who could head the ball. His ability to hold up play would allow the likes of Henry, Pires, Reyes and Ljungberg to run into great goalscoring positions. We would get more high crosses into the penalty area as well with Smudger getting up for the ball.
  20. Loylz

    Loylz Moderator Moderator

    Henry is actually getting decent with his headers. He hit the woodwork with one yesterday.

    For me it would have to be Tony Adams. With Kolo going RB, we would have the strongest defence i the game. They would all be solid then, even though Lauren is a great player, Toure would add that defensive composeure to his attacking elegance.

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