If you could have one past player?

Discussion in 'Arsenal Talk' started by gooner#1, Sep 9, 2004.


If you could have one past player who would it be?

  1. Sol Campbell

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  2. Gilberto Silva

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  3. Ian Wright

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  4. Tony Adams

  5. Dennis Bergkamp

  6. Thierry Henry

  7. Patrick Vieira

  8. David Seaman

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  9. Other

  1. Stim

    Stim New Member Elite

    Tony Adams, as others have already said what a defence.
  2. Loylz

    Loylz Moderator Moderator

    He'd be very close to my number one TA6 without a doubt :wink:
  3. quattro

    quattro Active Member

    seeing all the qualms of late on the defense, it has to tony adams definitely.
  4. Asterix

    Asterix New Member Elite

    Perry Groves? :wink:

    Tone and Liam. Well done that man who said Pat Jennings. Hands like shovels. I have a signed photo of him - my prized possession from a trip to the UK in 1983.

    Who do you reckon has been our best right winger?
  5. jeromelee

    jeromelee New Member

    With Adams in the team we'd be almost unbreakable in defense. Adams, Sol, Kolo on the right and Ash. F*cking brilliant. Then we can even put Loyan between the post and we'd still keep a clean sheet :lol: Just kidding loyan :)
  6. Biggus

    Biggus New Member Elite

    Totally agree mate Goalkeeper, midfield creativity, and attack are almost perfect. but TA would complete the picture,things are going well at the moment but the fact is that Vieira is no replacement for Mr on the leadership front I would swap him for a Tony Adams in his prime. In fact I would swap him for anyone who does not want to ****offto Real every summer!
  7. jeromelee

    jeromelee New Member

    Hhahha that's funny in a twisted kind of way
  8. Canuck

    Canuck New Member Elite

    So is this player to add to the present squad? Then def. Tony Adams, solid solid defender. Would fit perfectly into the back line.

    In a fantasy world, I would love to go back in time and clone Bergkamp "98 then bring him back to present. Then play the two of them together...Old DB and Young DB #10 and #10.5
  9. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Well heres my 2 pence. This is a great poll, very hard. I would love them all back. Wrighty because he is the greatest character ever, lovely to have around the club, and im really intrigued how he and henry would do. Tony as he is mr arsenal, george because he was amazing. HOWEVER looking at the current team, if we could have someone back we would want someone who could slip straight into the team and make a difference. Wrighty would have huge comp with reyes, adams isnt needed as we have kolo and sol. George, well, where would he play? The answer HAS to be brady. I was fortunate to grow up watching him, he was so ****ing amazing, the greatest midfielder we have EVER had. He would fit beautifully into the centre mid position next to vieira. that would complete our team, i am certain.
  10. Aussie

    Aussie New Member Elite

    **** lets have them all back. It would be one hell of a squad.

    Its to hard to pick.
  11. lewdikris

    lewdikris New Member Elite

    Brady. Like the Guv said, he would be the missing link.

    However, maybe Cesc IS the second coming. We'll see.
  12. Looey Henry

    Looey Henry New Member

    adams..and seaman...tough one....
    i chose seaman..only coz lehmann is good and toure and campbell are solid at CB
  13. Soler

    Soler New Member Elite

    Igors Stepanovs.
  14. mayoud

    mayoud New Member

    George Armstrong - we still need a classy, dedicated right winger. :!:
  15. KingReyes

    KingReyes New Member Trusted

    Agreed Guv, A Brady/Vieira partnership would be amazing, in fact I read an interview with Vieira once saying thta from past players he would like to play alongside Brady, just show how regarded he is. That goal against the Spuds was class and will never be forgotten. He just edges it for me from Tony Adams.
  16. Sonic Youth

    Sonic Youth New Member

    tony adams beacause we could use his confidence and leadership in the cl and it would strengthen our defence because he's the best defender in the history of the game.
  17. AfC_li4nGht

    AfC_li4nGht New Member

    Tony AdamS!!~ & SeamaN in his 20's... Bergkamp too~

    Pls invent a time machine pls!!!~ :cry:
  18. gooner#1

    gooner#1 New Member

    Ha ha good one jeromelee! :lol: :wink:
  19. gooner#1

    gooner#1 New Member

    Are you joking Jens ???
  20. Piston Broke

    Piston Broke New Member

    Out of that list it's a tough call betweeen Brady & Big Tone but for our current needs i'll plop for TA6 as thats an erea we are weakish at the Moment

    But if we are all reminising: How about Kenny Sansom? & i totally agree Pat Jennings & Frank Mclintock , Wrighty Etc

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