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Wow, what an absolutely abhorrent season when you look at it as a whole.

It's not even as though you could look at what is happening and think there is anything positive to build on - we don't look like a club that is on the up do we? Everyone here knows we're gonna have to watch the same thing play out next year too. In fact I think it could be even worse next year. Listening to Bilic's post game interview today I thought what a good manager. There's some brilliant managers with Poch, Klopp etc in the league now and next year it will be even tougher with Pep and probably Mourinho back. We could quite easily fall even further back next year if we don't ourselves the f**k out.

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“What we learn from Leicester City is what I knew for a long time, which is that it's not just only down to the amount of money you spend.”

Wenger justifying his own failure by using someone else’s success and casually claiming he knew all along.

I wish I could like this more than once.

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What's with all the negativity? We have the best record against the top 4 this season. I'd say we're making progress.

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Can't laugh anymore. Just anger, pure anger.

Why? Because Wenger is trying his best to force my love of the game, love of Arsenal out of me.

He needs to leave, he just needs to leave.


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What a sh~t show. I need to forget this season as quickly as possible and this thread is not helping me achieve my goals.


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Need a goal? Send on Walcott and Giroud, they'll ruin your chances and you'll end up looking worse going forward.

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