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    In light of recent developments about a player from Premier League being arrested and until there is an official announcement, ALL users should refrain from discussing or speculating about situations around personal off-pitch matters related to any Arsenal player. This is to protect you and the forum.

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Arsenal Quotes

In a football match anything can happen, the players, 90 minutes, fantastic moves, an element of luck, talent, courage, and touch of magic and, for those who are watching these men play, the search for excitement, for a memory, for a lesson in life.

Arsène Wenger: My Life in Red and White

2024 Summer Transfers Deadline

Daily Transfer Updates

Saturday, July 20

Arsenal and Bologna have practically agreed on a €50m deal for Riccardo Calafiori [Di Marzio]

Arsenal are accelerating their efforts to sign a Riccardo Caladiori as soon as possible [David Ornstein]

Riccardo Calafiori made a personal appeal to the Bologna board to ask for his transfer to be granted [Fabrizio Romano]

Arsenal are hoping to complete the signing of 18 year old GK Tommy Setford from Ajax in time for their pre-season tour of the United States [Evening Standard]

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