Is The Premier League Tougher Than It Used To Be?

Is It?

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Saw an interview with Vieira, he was asked about the differences between the league now and when he played in it...he said it's less skilful but faster.


Guess the rumours in this thread are's no longer football we are watching, but run-ball.
This is why in a way, I enjoy watching Ole's United best in the PL in the last year or 2.

It is less regimented and allows players free movement to a large extent. One still gets that 5-aside street football feel from them.

Of course with the bonus point of enjoying the car crash when they are taken apart

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Anybody who watched the England games this international break can see the difference time & space makes to how the game is played nowadays.
Foden was spraying the ball around with ease against Andorra yet in the next game against a well structured & up to speed Hungary team he couldnt do it.


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Graham Hunter lives here in Spain and has been a journalist covering our football here for many, many years.

No, pal. It's saying the same things many other analysts here in Spain say--Guillem Balague, though I think is a ****, also says similar things--but since he writes in English and this is an English forum I post it here. :) In short, it is never so simple as Spain bad, England good, but just talking about the tactical evolution of the sport that literally everybody is witnessing except the truthers on this forum.

Oh jesus. Talk about conflating issues. Nowhere is he making a comparison of the English and Spanish national teams. All of us who watch football knows which side plays better football. Anyone who watched the Euro cup knows that we outplayed Italy in the semifinal and probably were in the end the best team in the tournament (two things going on here: a. Luis Enrique is far above the standard of other international coaches and b. working with our players that come through our academies and our rojita youth levels comes with the advantage that Graham Hunter alludes to in the article...)

Anyways, I don't know why I bother. It really feels like all nuance is lost on some posters here, and people will read for what they want to read. You've taken an article about the tactical evolution in broad strokes of football and the rise of the English league in concert with the fall of the Spanish league and the reasons for, and somehow turned it into a piece about England's national team being great and Spain's being ****, which the author has never said... very weird.

Anyways, recommend the article to other, a bit more open-minded readers, as, like I said, it touches nicely on this debate.

Top posting from @GeorgiaGunner here, as an aside.
You ignore whats staring you in the face and call it nuance, hilarious as always.

Because only someone such as yourself could understand such things... Oh to be as intelligent as you

The whole thing is Real Madrid not winning Champions league for a couple of years and Spanish football is dead 🤣


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It's true , tbh.

When I first got into football, the only 2 good teams in England were Arsenal and United, everyone else was terrible... and even then, they would get relegated these days.


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Some of these managers probably never watched The Barclays, when it was in it's prime in the 2000s.

2002, 2005 and 2008...would easily match this current era, imo.


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Some of these managers probably never watched The Barclays, when it was in it's prime in the 2000s.

2002, 2005 and 2008...would easily match this current era, imo.
Wasn’t even close. The league has improved so much


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Wasn’t even close. The league has improved so much

I actually watched football back then, so I far more qualified to talk about it...the league was just as strong, many elite teams/players/managers.

Arsenal just aren't as good as they once were, so it's tricking you into thinking the league is harder now.

Glad I could help you out though, mate...feel free to ask any other questions, happy to educate 👍


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The title race is probably the best I've ever seen. The top four challenge was much more robust. Liverpool and Chelsea did everything last season to bottle the top four but still finished top four due to poor challenge from the other contenders.

The league is not harder, it's only harder for Arsenal.
Why did Liverpool and Chelsea do everything to bottle top four? They could get away with a few injuries and still win a few years ago, but now you have the likes of Fulham and Newcastle going to Anfield and coming away with something.


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Another thing that I feel tricks people these days, is the money being spent.

More money doesn't mean players are better, it just means they are more expensive...I mean, would you rather have Maguire for £80 million or Campbell on a free?

Teams below the Top Four back then, were still signing quality players, just on cheaper deals.