Italian Football Thread


Loves Overhyping Our Rivals
Arsenal hand in hand with Juvetus to destroy their season with a rookie coach.

They still have to play Inter and Milan, they will miss out on CL.


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Congrats to Conte, a miracle maker

Don't know what kind of black magic he pulled off to make Juventus believe signing an inexperienced manager in Pirlo was the answer, but it worked out nicely for him.

As for Pirlo at least he doesn't look like he's going to finish 4-6 places off target with a football that deserves worse I guess.


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The fight for CL places will definitely keep me entertained the next couple weekends.

Rooting for Atalanta.


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Conte and Mourinho slugging it out, maybe Allegri, they should get Benitez back too and make the dullest football league in the world.