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Inter starting running away with it now don't think juve will put pressure and Millan start easing off and accepting they achieve thier goals of finishing top 4

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Watching Atalanta. They are struggling to break Crotone down, despite creating many chances once again. Milan struggling as well, while Bologna and Verona win. Roma and Samporia draw.

1-0 Atalanta

1-0 Cagliari

1-1 Crotone

1-0 Verona

2-0 Verona


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Milan and United are literally the Spiderman pointing meme. Both top of the table a few weeks ago, talk of them being back, both making sure they're well and truly out of the title race at the start of March.

Also let's not forget some were genuinely trying to praise that bald prick Gazidis as if he was responsible for Ibra carrying them to a title race in the first place. :lol:

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So Milan got ****ed hard by Udinese and can say goodbye to the title. Atalanta, Verona, Roma and Cagliari win, instead. Sampdoria draw.

2-1 Atalanta

3-1 Atalanta

1-0 Genoa

1-0 Roma

3-0 Verona

4-1 Atalanta

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1-1 Fiorentina

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1-0 Udinese

1-1 Sampdoria

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5-1 Atalanta

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2-1 Roma

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1-1 Milan

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