....it's Ljungberg's time to be injured....

Discussion in 'Arsenal Talk' started by Ruslan Matuzau, Feb 28, 2006.

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  1. Ruslan Matuzau

    Ruslan Matuzau New Member

  2. anomaly

    anomaly New Member

    Hopefully this will mean Wenger finally gives Theodore his debut..
  3. choi12911

    choi12911 New Member

    Hleb will fill in without a problem. It's about time Hleb get a consistent run in one position.
  4. YuenBiaoFan

    YuenBiaoFan New Member Trusted

    Yeah I think it was when he got a kick in the calf in Spain early in the game, came off, treated it, carried on playing and it's going to make him miss a couple of weeks.
  5. Exiled In Newcastle

    Exiled In Newcastle New Member

    Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha (men in white coats take a demented Exiled away to a nice padded room).
  6. I was just wondering why it keeps happening to us but to be honest its happened to a few teams this year and does so every year. this year man united and newcastle have had bad ones but i think we take top spot for the most and especially in key areas (defence).

    HOWEVER!! theres one team that hasnt had many injuries.....and i mean for the last 2 seasons. When was the last time John terry had a couple of weeks out? Lampard recently went so many games without missing a game (then he was ill not injured). YES CHELSKI! They never seem to have injuries. I know they have back ups raring to go straight in line so you wont notice it as much, but no wonder they are sitting top of the pile SO comfortably. Maybe if terry and a few others get injured next year then ther rest of us might have a chance...........thats aslong as everything turns round for us this year and we kick on next year. :p :p
  7. ebhenry

    ebhenry New Member

    well what do you know? surely it's arsenes' fault isnt it?
  8. Saville

    Saville New Member

    lost count how many are injured now!
  9. ebhenry

    ebhenry New Member

    well what do you know? surely it's arsenes' fault isnt it?
    sh***te f****cking luck. dammit! just when he was finding some form. who next? kolo toure?!!!
  10. Legend#1

    Legend#1 New Member Trusted

    Won't exactly be missed.. he's been very average.. apart from Madrid.

    Hleb deserves a run, I still can't believe he didn't start on Sat, he was instrumental when he came on, really had something to prove.
  11. RocktheCasbah

    RocktheCasbah New Member Elite

    That's because Abramovich has bought God.

    AndI don't mean Dennis/Thierry/Robin delete as applicable.
  12. the dawn raids

    the dawn raids New Member Trusted

    Hleb has arguably been our best player the last 4 games or so (or at least when hes been on the field); maybe this will finally be when someone merits a continued starting 11 place based on form this year.

    but more than likely ljungberg will walk right back in the team.
  13. tomas

    tomas New Member

    toure is a fantastic player. young, pace, strength, good tackler. how would he not be a miss with all our injury problems! that 1 of the most stupid coments iv ever heard. agreen that hleb should get a few games now but dont see why walcott shouldnt get his debut.
  14. Legend#1

    Legend#1 New Member Trusted

    Hleb is definately finding his form..

    Shame the rest of the team aren't..
  15. ebhenry

    ebhenry New Member

    hleb and theo please. IMO
  16. Ruslan Matuzau

    Ruslan Matuzau New Member

    Hleb is playing at the moment by the way.
  17. Exiled In Newcastle

    Exiled In Newcastle New Member

    Think you need to chill out and read the post again. No one suggested anything about Kolo - except to say 'what next?'. To be honest I'd take the mention of the players name as saying how important he actually is.

    More thought and less anger please.
  18. YeahBee

    YeahBee Terrible hot takes

    Freddie uncompromising way of playing finally caught up with him. sure he has been injured before but alöways bounced right back. I am fearing that his body now can't handle his style of play.

    As for Hleb I have been wanting to see him in an extended run since we got him, finally I say lets hope he tsakes his chance
  19. Reyes(9)

    Reyes(9) New Member

    What a season ..!! :shock: NO COMMENT ..
  20. Legend#1

    Legend#1 New Member Trusted

    Uh-Oh.. Internationals and Arsenal players don't mix :wink:
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