"i've not been able to play my first 11 since 2004&quot

Discussion in 'Arsenal Talk' started by sabret00the, May 12, 2007.

  1. sabret00the

    sabret00the New Member Trusted

    seriously if 12 months go by and you're unable to field your first eleven for that entire period. you need to make changes to your first eleven or have your competency questions. fix your problem with the windows that's what they're there for. spending three years living on a hope and a prayer that things may sort themselves out is naive and unacceptable at this level.

    it's a disgusting endorsement of mourinho's moaning "if mourinho couldn't win with injuries for one year then it's ok for me to finish fourth for two years running" **** no!
  2. morpho

    morpho #ArtetaOut = Permanent Ban

    You're just not looking at the big picture Sabre...off course you have all the reasons to be frustrated, but its not like Wegers just gave up either is it? I believe he has done his best in very difficult situations... it just not all his fault... name me one manager (besides murinho) who buys players just because his own is injured? There is a time when the injured player gets better. Normaly. Its not living on a hope, that the injury situation will restore itself to normality is it? Its not that we have the money to buy us out of the situation either is it? And its defenitely not his fault that Reyes was a mummyboy and became homesick or that Baptista just couldnt cope with this league. Its neither his fault that one of our breed backstabed us, forced on us a CB that wasnt quite what we needed. And what do we actualy know about the financial status of our club? Maybe even his youth policy is somewhat forced upon him? One thing though thats his fault. We changed stadium. How the players dealt with that, is not.
  3. Viper

    Viper Member

    There is a huge gap in experience between the two teams though.

    Eboue, Clichy, Fabregas, Diaby, Denilson, Adebayor and to some extent, Van Persie, are all inexperienced players in comparison to their 2004 counterparts.

    We only have a few experienced players in Gallas, Henry, Ljungberg and Gilberto, and somewhat Toure.

    Where as in the 2004 side, pretty much the whole side was experienced, bar Toure who had his second season at the club back then.
  4. Captain

    Captain New Member Elite

    and they had been together largely for a few years.
  5. Allyboy

    Allyboy New Member Elite

    The thing is though, all those above players abilities deteriorated, and some of them quickly. It all happened at the same time, so you can actually see how we got rid of all of them.

    The only two looking back which made no sense to me was letting Edu go, and then letting Vieira go, and then having no replacement for him.

    All the others being let go have all made sense to me (though whether we should have let them go for nothing is another matter).

    The balance in our squad is not quite there, but what would you rather have? A squad full of players who were once brilliant but talents were on the wane and will all need to be replaced pretty much at the same time, or a squad full of inexperiened but highly talented youngsters who will only get better?

    Obviously ideally you want a few youngsters, a few seasoned pros and mainly players in their prime and thats why we are behind the top teams.

    We will definitely challenge though at some point, whether that is next season or next decade will come down to Wenger in the transfer market this summer....
  6. go49oner

    go49oner New Member

    Spot on. "You'll never win anything with kids."once famous tosser said. But how right was he.

    Perfect example is AC Milan.

    Had we kept the same team with 2 or 3 new decent signing, Am almost sure we would of won more things and would of achieved so much more in Europe.

    '89 :worthy :worthy
  7. Biggus

    Biggus New Member Elite

    I think Wengers inflexible policy of only giving 1 year contracts to over 30's has hurt us and must be revisited.
    Forget about the move to the Grove, injuries, tactics & formations, they're all secondary things. The simple fact of the matter is the players we have now aren't as good as before.
  8. Nutsy

    Nutsy New Member Elite

    Thought I said that before. "Built for the future" is all good, I have no problems with it really. but, I think after our reserve has already been labelled as the best on Europe. I think we're set. Hope Wenger starts to break bank really. We're set for the future, but now, let's start winning trophies with experience.

    Fact is aswell, that we've lost a lot of key experience players too many in the space of 2-3 years which could be the cause of our trophyless seasons. but what can else can you do?
  9. tactica442

    tactica442 Member Trusted

    After Highbury Apartments are completed, I reckon Wenger will not be strict on this over-30 policy. Still the premise is Wenger decides to stay after '09.
  10. Biggus

    Biggus New Member Elite

    Sorry Nadz missed it.
  11. Nutsy

    Nutsy New Member Elite

    nah.No worries. ;) I think Wenger will extend his contract before it ends next season. Call me naive or whatever, but I can't see him go off anywhere except if he retires.
  12. Biggus

    Biggus New Member Elite

    Why would he want to? No matter who owns the club he will be allowed almost total control over football, facilities and personel. Thats what makes all this DoF nonsense a farce.
    Where else would you get a job in top class football like that?
    Err not including computer games. :wink:
  13. Nutsy

    Nutsy New Member Elite

    shoot! I was gonna say computer games, but you got me there. Yeah, Wenger's influence in the whole club is big enough that I wouldn't be suprise if he takes up the whole board. (technically he already did). It's when you have investors like Roman could change everything no matter how good you are. heh heh, I bet Maureen's dreaming of Wenger's job. (when he goes to HELL) :D
  14. athreya74

    athreya74 New Member

    http://blogs.guardian.co.uk/sport/2007/ ... ardew.html

    Guardian's Paul Wilson and Portsmouth keeper with dodgy hairstyle, David James discuss the season. Two questions leapt out:

    It is a million dollar question, whether Arsène can bet on respite from injuries, isn't it?
  15. Biggus

    Biggus New Member Elite

    Wenger can cry all he wants about how injury hit we have been, but the fact remains that the board has said that the money is there if he wants it, And I believe them. But our manager- possibly uniquely in the football world has a economics degree and likes to keep a tight reign on the finances. Indeed we know when Arsène does fork out, the results are mixed at best. So is there a limit on how far a squad assembled for a pittance can go? because the fact is we lack class in several areas.
  16. athreya74

    athreya74 New Member

    Since 2005, the verdict on Arsène's big name (big fee and/or lots of hype) signings have been poor.

    Reyes - flopped due to off-field issues
    Hleb - jury is out
    Walcott- too early
    Adebayor - Success
    Rosicky - Close to being a success, next season will tell.

    (Not counting Gallas as he was not planned)

    That's a poor record for a club that is on belt tightening mode and for a manager known for his transfer coups. Scouts should take some of the blame and Wenger some of it. That is why this season I would want Wenger to be really careful. If he can't get the quality he wants, better not sign anyone rather than settle for mediocre goods.
  17. Biggus

    Biggus New Member Elite

    Thats usually what happens Athreya. Wenger should be Scottish as he is very canny with his money. :wink:

    Still It won't help us if we again fall short next year.
  18. j'nuh

    j'nuh New Member

    You cant compensate for losing your two best strikers for an entire season collectively with money. Let alone the other injuries weve had this season.

    Striker wise, we've got the best depth in the premiership.

    DOUBLE-YOU Member

    is there such thing as having a best side. since Reyes arrived, no-one has known what arsenal's best side is. There has been too many options.
  20. Zico

    Zico New Member Elite

    I think that our first 11 is pretty obvious. That would be the team jkreffer posted earlier - lehmann, clichy, gallas, toure, gilberto, rosicky, cesc, hleb, van persie, henry.

    What worries me is that the first 11 is so easy to pick. This is why Wenger needs to start shedding some of his marginal players as he has done with Larsson and Muamba in the last few months, and replace them with one or two super quality types who can challenge for places. I don't believe that with a 60 game season you can afford to have such little real competition for places.

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