Júlio Baptista

Discussion in 'Transfer Rumours' started by KingReyes, Oct 25, 2004.

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  1. JMT

    JMT New Member

    argh Senderos to be on the bench when he comes back?.... gallas should move to LB even though he doesnt enjoy it

    Eboue Toure Senderos Gallas

    Looks better
  2. shaz

    shaz New Member

    yes, that looks damn strong!
  3. AFCFan4Ever

    AFCFan4Ever New Member

    Gallas is much better at CB, Senderos and Djourou will provide quality depth.

    The combination of Toure & Gallas is too good to pass up.
  4. junialum

    junialum New Member

    True I see Gallas as a CB and not a LB for the fact that Gallas left Chelsea because he hated playing on the left.

    I want Traore to step up in the left back slot.
  5. JMT

    JMT New Member

    hes too young 16 is too young no matter how great his quality is... to play against the likes of rooneys, robbens,ronaldos,tevez,gerrards. hes not ready yet. give him two years and 18 hell be fine.
  6. JMT

    JMT New Member

    what numbers will our new players be do you recon?
  7. MrHanson

    MrHanson New Member

    Agreed gallas must play CB that is by far his strongest position at LB his talents would be wasted. Gallas and kolo partnership, WOW.
  8. junialum

    junialum New Member

    Gallas for 3.
    Baptista for 30 (he's a loan player still :D)
  9. Army of Me

    Army of Me New Member Elite

    Baptista 9 - he'll tear the Premiership to bits and we'll snap him up in an instant.

    you'll see 8)
  10. junialum

    junialum New Member

    What if:

    We're happy with Baptista but Real ain't happy with Reyes?

    Will the deal fall through?
  11. Clrnc

    Clrnc Well-Known Member Trusted

    no. they are seperate deals. we can then sign baptista for a fee while getting reyes back
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