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James Maddison

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So, the fact that multiple people including Bell have all said we'd find it difficult to do especially with the other business that we need to do, is that not what you are saying too?
No. Because I’m not trying to look ITK by spouting bullshit about shirt numbers, wages, Norwich contacts.


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Whenever rival fans come in to tell us that we won't be signing their players and downplay our budget and pulling power they usually sign.

Makes me worried because I'd never spent that much on Madders.
Stump up a wedge and you are welcome to him.


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Talking about football, you?
You wrote about 50 posts in the James Maddison thread on an Arsenal forum trying to convince people that one of your main players is not actually that great of a player and would never be leaving to a club that is past it and could actually never afford him because your club is asking £70m for a player they don’t rate?

Why? I mean, it’s nothing personal as its not just you, but it’s always fans from small clubs signing up to our forum writing exactly those same posts but in their specific player transfer thread. I never understood it.


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If that happens I take back that I’ve been saying this summer, that would be huge.

I don't particularly rate Pete as a source. But Maddison is a £60M player, Lautaro £60M, RB would be at least £20M, Ramsdale £25M and any CM to replace Xhaka £30M.

I mean on top of what we've done that actually fits the £250m budget nicely ay ;)


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Hold on. We will still need a replacement for Xhaka right? Why isn't that more important right now? Even if Xhaka ends up not going, surely we need a player to bench him, right?


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You don’t pay £50m for Ben White and then think you can get Maddison for £50m and a cast off.
Ainsley was capped by England last year and if he wasn’t frozen out by Arteta, he might’ve made a case for the tournament. Hardly a cast off, mate.
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