James Maddison

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@Rimaal @Mrs Bergkamp @Tosker @GDeep™ thoughts?

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Just waiting for the Athletic Oracle who says everything is False and the only money we have left is for stans court case.


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He is a very good player, but would much prefer that money put towards Martinez...our striker situation has looked dire in preseason.

Martinez surely is the better deal.
Especially given that I dont even think we'll be done with 60m just yet. Leicester will take us up and to the cleaners for a player that isnt even that good.
Buendia for half the price, ffs.

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The problem with this deal isnt going to be Leicester not wanting any of our players, it’s going to be our players wanting to go to Leicester.

Eg, Leicester would want AMN as a cover option. He can cover for their full/wing backs, he can cover CM or on the wings. But, AMN will want his next move to be at a place where he’ll be a starter. He won’t get that at Leicester. Same goes for Willock, Nketiah, Nelson.
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