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@SlyFox - I used to live in Leicester (long time ago). What's a good night out now? Used to be Zanzibar, M-Coast, Lizard Lounge & Life. Guessing it's all changed now? I'm carbon dating myself here, live on the internet...
I wouldn't have a clue now, I'm well past those days, more of a decent pub / bar man. All those places are still there just under different names really.


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Dude your squad ain’t that good. You have done well against smaller teams to get high points. But when you come up against the good teams you ain’t that good. Ricardo is finished and the other two are AMN level. Soumare is another average player
Yeah we didn't do well against the "good teams"...

Like when we beat Man City, Liverpool, Sp**s, Man U, Chelsea x 2.


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Leicester is absolute sh*te, you'd never go out there. Do a good curry but other than that you stay away.

There's far worse places than Leicester, it's got some nice areas and a decent town centre. I've got some great memories from that time of my life, but yeah, it's not exactly a destination city

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That's interesting.

But it say we need to sell players first.

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Leicester don’t get bullied tbf.

They got huge fees for Maguire, Mahrez and Chilwell.
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