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Reading some of the Buendia stuff here is quite comical. Its like the eulogy given to a dead man. When we were in for him, this same microscopic nuanced opinions were fired at his valuation by Norwich. Similar to these conflicting angles now , some were livid we were even considering what Norwich was valuing. Bang ! As soon as Villa swooped in , the same opinions changed to we are being outbid by Villa etc. I recall the Kante saga ...no different to this , then bang he was gone ! Using stats etc to compare valuations from players operating in different leagues , with different profiles etc is a waste of time. This is not how the economics of transfers work I am afraid.

I am sure if ESR delivered same like he did for us last season from December when he got into the team , but playing for Fulham , we would have been livid if 25M was quoted for his services. However we laughed off Villa's 25M bid. Visit the Xhaka exit thread and you will see unbelievable expectations for his sale ( you would think he is Locatelli) but curiously everyone is looking for a new partner for Partey.

If Maddison was an Arsenal player how much would we consider letting him go to Chelsea , City , Sp**s , MU or Liverpool for? This is where the issue gets interesting. Will we use these stats above to prove he is not as good as his European counterparts to prop down his value?

Where do we stand really? Either we go down the Leicester route and pay 10-25 etc for players and let them develop or we go down the Chelsea /City route and pay 50-70 when Leicester has developed them. Even in between we don't seem to have a clue as fans.
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KDB should rightly be rated insanely high. He's a special player.

He’s definitely overrated imo. The way people are talking about him at the moment is as if he’s some generational player like Iniesta. He’s nowhere near as talented.

He’s a good player but overrated. I’m surprised that people rate KDB so highly but disrespect Bruno and no, I’m not comparing both players.


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I take the word for the people who watched their every word. Norwich fans say buendia is better player
They played for Norwich at different times and different levels.

Maddison has been doing it at the top end of the Premier League for two seasons.

Our fan base is mental. Really don't get them some times. How do they not want one of the top play makers in the Premier league? Snobbery? Believing we are better? Some peculiar interpretation of value?


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I understand but even KDB is overrated to some extent. All these fans and pundits make him out to be some PL great but I don’t see it.
KDB is a PL great but overall quite overrated.. talent and impact-wise nowhere close to someone like Iniesta (very few players are to be fair).

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Guy was voted into the world XI of the year by his fellow players in 2005 but because he doesn't do stepovers it means he's ****.
He is not actually that bad as you have described. Yes, he is not as technically gifted as Buendia or Aouar. But from time to time, he did pull of some dribbling skills.

However, what let him down is his directness, his decision making, and his passing/through pass/one touch pass/one twos.


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KDB is a PL great but overall quite overrated.. talent and impact-wise nowhere close to someone like Iniesta (very few players are to be fair).

This current generation of fans are mainly focused on stats which is why a player like Ronaldinho wouldn’t have survived in this era imo.

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Holding is solid and fairly underrated on here I agree, though if we've got aspirations to really push on he shouldn't really be more than a rotation / squad option really.

Chambers is a jack of all trades type to me. Not good enough to be a starter in any position but a decent back up. Neither he or Cedric are good enough to be our starting RB long term. One of them needs to go along with Hector.

Cedric was thrid choice yo both Bellerin and Xhaka... Imagine how poor he must've been in training :lol:


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I must be going mental on this no sugar diet lmao. Swear to god it said 14/14 on whoscored when I looked yesterday. Fair play bro, not as impressive as I first though!
No worries, it's still an impressive tally.

Keep up the transfer season optimism by the way - it's a rollercoaster time and we all need some hope and positivity to get to the end. Your doing good work here 👍


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This just in: Buendia has signed with Aston Villa.

#Breaking: Arsenal moves on to other targets as @Em10Buendia signs with #AstonVilla

#Analysis: Arsenal still needs good players. Understand James Maddison is another option.

**** #Arsenal these days. Buendia is better than #Bergkamp #KroenkeOut #ImOut


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Why wouldn’t we just get Ødegaard if he’s the preferred target. I find it hard to believe they’d turn 50-60M for him down.


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He is the first option. It's just that Madrid don't want to sell as things stand. We probably don't want to show our hand yet. We could offer them 40m and they'll ask for 80m.
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