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James Maddison


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AFC Bell saying we are making our move for Maddison in the coming weeks and a 4 year contract doubling his salary has been offered. He has also been offered the number 10 shirt

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Interesting stuff from bell saying we'll make move in next few weeks we ready to double his salary and give number 10 . the sources they contacted from the player camp didn't confirm or deny this. they expect the english media to rubbish these claims but the bell very confident about what they saying.

also they say Arsenal know the deal won't be easy and will need big effort and money to make it happen but they Arsenal will give it all they could to secure Maddison deal.

this is the summery what they say.
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Bell says Arsenal are willing to double his Leicester salary (!!!) and offter him the No.10.

All this plus the over inflated transfer fee, all for James Maddison, let it sink in. This club is a shambles in the market.
How much is he earning at Leicester?

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