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Jesper Lindstrøm

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Can he play winger? Because currently with Ødegaard and Vieira this guy won't see a game.

I don't remember well but i believe we were linked with him before his move to Frankfurt last season.
But he isn't leaving soon and he key player for mikel so unless this guy have ability to play RW it's doesn't make sense buying him

Nah Arteta has high ambition, he probably already figured out that Ødegaard is not all that. I think Vieira might replace him soon enough. If this kid is it then we will sign him.

Anyway, if he can also play as a winger then its all good also, we probably need one more forward in the team so we can maybe rotate a bit more.

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Ødegaard is alright but an actual quality player will displace him easily.
He is a very different player to Ødegaard. Ødegaard is far superior when it comes to technique, vision and playing between the lines. Lindstrøm is a player, that is very reliable on his speed and runs in behind the defence. He doesn’t operate in between the lines like Ødegaard. At Arsenal he would probably play as a winger. But I really don’t see him having the quality to play for Arsenal.


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@jones scouting report needed.
Wrote this assessment last season but other than adding a little bit of bulk it still holds true mostly. He weighs probably <60kg but shoots like a mule, is rapid and runs for days, very good on the ball and smart in his pressing already. Frankfurt play 3-4-2-1 or 4-2-3-1 and he's either one of two roaming AMs or on the wing, plays both equally well. His biggest weakness other than his frame is his finishing and final ball in general, has been really frustrating at times in that aspect

Arsenal doesn't need him at all though, he's very talented but wouldn't immediately improve the team, probably on a similar level to Martinelli. No idea why we would sign him when we don't even use all the players we have at our disposal right now.

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