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I swear if this man and his anime eyebrows end up in an AFC kit...

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Big Garth Crooks named Jesse in his team of the week...

"Yet another top-class performance from Jesse Lingard. Since his arrival from Manchester United the England international has taken the Hammers into the top four and made them look like serious contenders for a Champions League spot. Goals matched by bundles of energy, commitment and desire takes the player back to when he was producing excellent performances for Manchester United. He's doing fantastically for West Ham, but he really needs to leave out the dance celebrations if he wants us to take him seriously."



BBC Gossip Transfer rumours, Lingard
EXCLUSIVE: West Ham hope to sign Jesse Lingard permanently from Manchester United this summer - but Mikel Arteta's Arsenal are keen to swoop for the England star

Arsenal out to hijack West Ham's £30m Jesse Lingard move after being blocked in January

Today BBC Gossip Transfer rumours

Paris St-Germain, Real Madrid and Inter Milan are monitoring Jesse Lingard's situation before the summer transfer window. The 28-year-old England and Manchester United midfielder is impressing on loan at West Ham. (ESPN)

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Unreal sauce 🔥

Its kinda weird when players like this bunch practice these group celebrations, probably multiple times all thinking they're hilarious and then bring them to the public like we care for there little show piece.

I remember when I was a kid maybe 6-8yrs old playing football in some ****ty park with mates doing stuff like this, ****ing embarrassing just remembering it and I probably looked like a right cock at the time, but heres this mob still doing it..


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I don't think AM can handle any more dancing footballers, he's not Tierney enough.

Loving his resurgence btw more power to him.

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