Joachim Andersen


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He is talented young CB just turned 23 few days ago Sampdoria and their crazy owner won't accept less than 30M euros in my opinion.


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I don't know much about this one - I've heard he's good but that's it. Have seen little of Sampdoria since we signed Torreira.


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Seems to be in the Rob Holding mould: tall, not a great athlete but a very good passer.


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Heard he is a top CB, on a verge of showing that on big stage.
Lad also seams smart, chosing to go to Sampa to continue his development instead of more flashy offers he had back then.


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the news is not from them it came from TuttoSport they are only reliable mostly with Juve you just can't trust italian sport papers unless it's come from the local papers or of course Di Marzio and his staff.

Thank u brother. Hopefully we will see soon enough. Praet and Andersen feels pretty darn tasty

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Pleasently surprised about his height. Fed up of getting linked to players between 5"9 and 6 foot for our CB position. We need a strong defender, I would have preferred one whos also athletic but I'd take him if he's talented.

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