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✍️ OFFICIAL Joe Willock (Out)

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Next season whenever Willock puts in a good performance there will be a lot of people saying “why did we sell him?” just like Emi Martinez last year.
That's not gonna be the worst part, that'll be the funny part.

The worst part will most likely be when we reach a situation where a fresh-off-injury Partey has to carry one of Xhaka and Elneny while Lokonga - the only other midfielder we have who can actually be as good as Partey - sits patiently on the bench waiting. And as a result, we can't progress quickly enough and we probably still can't consistently score more than 1 goal a game.

I am waiting for it and hoping to be wrong.

I predict a huge season for Willock on the other hand. I truly hope he enjoys his football next season.


Why so serieuse?
Next season whenever Willock puts in a good performance there will be a lot of people saying “why did we sell him?” just like Emi Martinez last year.
Yeah, I hope we put in a buy back clause, just so that we don't have to hear the moaning.


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Think you are fairly naive at this point. If we have lined up someone that can improve as today (not Maddison) then OK, but Willock can turn out to be another Yaya Toure and we could regret it within a year.

It's a risky move sale for sure, and the worst part is that players that need to go like Nketiah, AMN, Nelson, and a few seniors, will remain at the club. Willock was an easy sale, but as soon as things get trickier, they've failed offloading players.
For me, I was hoping Xhaka would go first, followed by Bellerin, those were important sales that Edu failed to complete

He will never be like Yaya as he doesn't have the technical ability.

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Finally a player gone, funny thing is, it's not deadwood. He deserves a season with us but whatever.

Will that £20m go to a CM? Heart tells me yes, head tells me no lol.

Will that £20m go on bag of ****e Ramsdale? Heart says No, Head says yeah lmao.

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Really is bizarre that AM in particular think we're favouring guys like Elneny & Laczette over Willock. They'd be sold as well but they're that sh*t no one wants them.

Willocks value is at his highest, nows is the right time to sell. It's not that deep.
Are they surprised we selling the the good once instead of s**t one first lol
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