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"Walked out of the room" seems so dramatic. I can imagine Joe's father like this when he heard something he didn't like.
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So the problem was that Willock wanted a 6 year contract and not shorter? Sounds pretty weird. I would think he rather wants a shorter contract to get a better wage faster again. Isn't 5 years pretty normal? He will be bound to Newcastle for a long time if this is true, unless he has a release clause. Or maybe he just doesn't back himself.


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It was probably Newcastle pushing for a longer contract, not Willock. Players at that age care more about what the annual salary looks like.


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But most clubs do at least Agee with player and his agent verbally between contact the club look like the problem was contract length not money
What happens more often than not:
1) Sound out if the player is open to moving to your club
2) If they're open to the move you sound out if their club is open to selling the player
3) If they are you start negotiating
4) When you're close to an agreement you start negotiating personal terms with the player

There are scenarios where clubs and players discuss personal terms far earlier.
Anyway, there isn't really an order with these things. We've seen Sp**s agree a deal for Kounde with Sevilla only for Kounde to reject the move and we've seen Kola's move to Bayer last year break down because they couldn't find an agreement with him. 🤷‍♂️


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I do hope we either have a big sell on % wrapped in this deal or some sort of a buyback clause, we should always do that with youngsters that don't get enough chances at Arsenal. If their career explodes elsewhere, you should always make sure you benefit.

Knowing Edu, he's never heard of either option.


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Willock might want stability and Newcastle will want long term so in case he explode and be really good midfielder they'll get double or more what they paid even if he turn out to be average they'll get close what they paid because he Home grown English and still young

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Could be but nowadays most club make sure they agree things with players first verbally before going agree things other club. Anyway I'm glad they found agreement
They can agree numbers but it can get complicated when buying clubs add clauses like optional contract extensions, which usually aren’t discussed until after clubs have agreed a fee.


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Well, all the posters on Kroenke's payroll begging for his sale can rejoice now. Hope you enjoy the minor fee.
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