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✍️ OFFICIAL Joe Willock (Out)

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Nothing like selling a seven in seven midfielder when that’s the area you’re lacking goals.

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Watts said the club would have liked him to stay but anything from 25M and above they selling because they see him a squad member not key member.


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Sad news but not unexpected. Just when there's some good news with the Ramsdale move breaking down it gets cancelled out by this one.

Good luck to him though, being the main man at a PL club aged 21 is no mean feat.


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To do f*cking what with?

Allow me man.

That isn't the point. Why would you keep a player as 3rd or 4th choice on the bench, hardly playing when you've been offered 25 million?

Yay let's keep a bench warmer worth 25 million. Awful logic.


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To be honest, Lokonga has shown more in the 1 game I have seen of his, of what I like in a CM, that I have seen in Joe.

Willock is a good player, but wouldn't trust him in a midfield 2, unless playing 3/5 at the back, whatever you want to call it...good goalscorer, but don't see enough in his game to make me believe he will be a player we miss.

Feel he's s little overrated on here, due to being a Hale End kid...he isn't on the same level of Bukayo and Emile, imo.

With Partey, Sambi and even Xhaka...this is a good deal for us.


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In addition Willock had 2 years in contract. He would have needed to renew and it is likely he wanted promises of good game time. He is not stupid.


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Newcastle have tied down most of their key players to 6 year deals. Hayden and Saint-Maximin signed 6 year deals.

I would doubt Willock's signed likewise without there being a very manageable release clause in there somewhere.
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