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✍️ OFFICIAL Joe Willock (Out)

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Sad to see Joe leaving. He will be a hot asset after scoring 10+ goals and another 8 assists at the end of this season.


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It doesn't work that way. For example, if we sell Emi for 20 and spend the same money on someone inferior, it is still stupid.
Of course that makes sense and is correct, but it is also with full benefit of hindsight! Unfortunately we will have to roll the dice and sell some youngsters. Only thing with Willock is that he should maybe have gotten more chances with the first team while here.


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Did what we should've done with AMN, sold when the value is highest for him. People are gonna moan because he scored some garbage time counter attack tap ins but will forget how inept he looked for us. Good luck to him but he wasn’t Arsenal level


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Worst news of our summer. All the best to the lad, Newcastle have got an absolute bargain there.


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He would be at the center of our midfield if Wenger was still here. Can't help but feel like he's been let down by the regime since - both managers played him out position and sporadically. Best of luck Joe.
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