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Jorginho: Gorgeous Jorg


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Proper footballer. Wasn't on here at the time to show some respect when he signed but he's always been that guy.

He's got his athletic flaws, but that football brain is elite.


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With the exception of the shambles against the Spuds, he's had a brilliant season. To be outshining an Ødegaard and Rice who are playing well in his last couple of starts is incredibly impressive and his calmness has had a very positive influence on the team working though the different phases of the match.

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He was cla beacon of calm abd assurance there in the middle. Quietly and calmly dishing out some punishing passes and movement


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Feel he's a player you only appreciate when you watch him week in and week out, didn't know he was this good.

Can't believe I thought Kovavic was the better player when both were at Chelsea, he's just a dribbling merchant ffs...I really do have the worst football knowledge 😅
It's not a coincidence that Chelsea won the CL and Italy won the Euros with him dictating play as the deep lying playmaker. Lad's a maestro.


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Shows the value of having some experienced heads around. He’s a quality player and we get the best out of him by bringing him in when needed rather than relying on him for every game.

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If Mik cans Zinny for Kiwi and the inverted fullback. Play trossard as false 9, Jorgie and Rice in midfield and we will win league. Lfc and City are shells of themselves. Mik used 2/3rds of my preferred lineup changes and every time he uses Jorgie and Rice together we hum. With Jorgie and Ode in there you don’t need extra play maker of inverted fullback and it improves our defensive shape. Rice and Jorgie are perfect Yin and Yang in a double pivot. The physical qualities Jorgie lacks Rice has in spades. The beautiful distribution Rice lacks Jorgie has in spades. Frankly, Mik is late to party. If he cans zinny and kai from starting 11 we are as good or better than anyone in this weakened league


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Back from Porto...was already saying that i expected him to start against Porto too...think Mik made a mistake to not start him
alone the experience would have been worth it...with him i guess Ode wouldn`t have to drop too deep and could have stayed higher up the pitch. Jorginho would have find the space Rice haven´t or haven´t risk...

Farzad Stoned

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He should start every game. Simple as that there is no reason why he should be dropped on this form.
Do you see now what our build up can be if the Kai miscarriage is not forced into midfield? He is a bad striker and a comically awful midfielder. I swear i am better passer than Kai how can he play as an attack midfielder. Jorginho compliments Rice like wine and fecking cheese; even Imam @jones loves the vino we find out. Credit to mik weeks after i saw it he stumbled on our best midfield. Better than even the missing Partey and Rice. Thank god he canned Zinny and this inverted fullback nonsense as well something else that has been a long time coming. But today other than Kai at striker the w.nkers lineup was spot on.


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Still makes me laugh that some people on here rate Shartey higher. Shartey never produced a performance of that standard for us.


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He was called agent Jorgi by summer of Arsenal "fans" when he signed for us 😂


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Think we can safely say most of us are wrong about this signing. For 12m he probably is one of the best signings out there. He struggled last year because we didn't have someone as quick and athletic as Rice covering him and he got left exposed like a clown trying to track back.

I am not in the business of saying Caicedo and Mudryk are bullets dodged because you just know Arteta will coach them to a high level and Chelsea is a wreck currently (just see Havertz transformation), but for around 37m you probably can't get 2 better squaddies than Jorginho and Trossard so top work by Artedu.

What Jorginho confirmed for us is that this team functions way better with a DLP as we badly need someone who is able to pass between the lines and spot our runners. Rice does not do that at all.

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